London Love

Clara goes to London to visit her family but what happens her family lives right next door to Harry Styles


6. Night out

Its been a week since my night with Harry. Since then we have spent almost every day together. The last two days Harry spent all day with his band "One Direction", recording their new album. I walk into the kitchen grab some coffee and a bagel and run back in my room. I sit on my bed and check my phone. I only had a text from my mom asking if I was enjoying myself. At first I laughed because I thought of Harry but honestly other then spending time with him I haven't done that much. I text her back and tell her about him and about his perfection. After that I text Harry to see if was busy today. "Sorry babe, in the studio:( if you would like you can stop by later!" "Uhh sure that sounds great! When should I come over?" "Um how about 1:00" "ok see you then!" "Babe... I love you" "I love you too Haz" It was 10:00 now so I had time to myself. I planned  on going shopping before I went to see Harry. I put on the shirt that Harry gave me (his Ramones shirt) a pair of dark tight blue jeans, and a pair of high heals. I wear me favorite scarf and a fedora. I walk out the door get a cab. I ride into town and find some cute shoppes. I look around until about 12:00 and them make my way to Harry. "I'm on my way" I text Harry only a few blocks from the recording studio. "Ok babe ill be outside!" The taxi pulls up right in front of where he was. He opens my door and before I can do anything Harry embraces me. "I've missed you so much!" Harry says spinning me around. "I've missed you too!" "It fells like its been forever since I've seen you and it kills me. You know that this is t my choice, right?" "Yes Harry this is you job your life! I completely understand. I love you and I'm proud of you. I'm happy that you guys are making a new cd and I'm happy that your happy!" "I would be happier if I could spend more time with you." "Me too, but we are making the best of it and that's all we can do." "Your right but.." Harry trails off. I can tell that he's disappointed that we can't spend as much time together, as am I. "Hey I want to show you something!" Harry takes my hand and drags me into the studio. We walk into where the others are he sits me in a chair right next to Niall. "Hi, Clara!" The boys say to me. I say I back, and not long after they went in to record a new song. "Hey babe this song is for you." Harry says before going on to record their song. The music starts and Zayn sings first. "Your hand fits in mine like made just for me..." The song goes on and finally Harry starts to sing. "I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape you never want to know how much you weigh you still have to squeeze into your jeans but your perfect to me" he sings to me. His eyes never leaving mine. The song ends and Harry walks up to me. He just stairs at me with a smile on his face. I step up on my tip-toes and lean in to kiss him. His hands are on my face as he pulls me closer to him and kisses me even more passionately. I starts to hear the boys whispering and laughing about us. I can feel Harry getting a bit mad. He lets me go and turns to face the others. "Shut up guys!!" He yells and the boys back off. "Hey Clara lets get out of here!" "Ok where too?" "Anywhere!" 

Harry and are in the car as my favorite song comes on. "Poor old Johnny Ray, sounded sad apoun the radio broke a million hearts in mono!" I sing at the top of my lungs. Harry laughs at me as he drives. The song comes to an end as we pull up to a bar. "Are you ready my love?" "Hehe yes!" Harry takes my hand and we walk into the pub. We sit at the bar and Harry orders drinks. "You hungry?" "Why yes Harry I am!" Harry laughs and orders lunch. Our beers finally come and sit and talk about what we have missed in each others lives in the past three days. "HAHA yeah and then he said that she was soooo pissed that she pulled him in to!!!" We burst out laughing! I told him the story about how my cousin broke up with his girlfriend and when she turned to walk away she fell into the fontin and then pulled him in before getting up and walking away. "That's sound so exciting!" "How about you harry?" "Not much other then recording and then going home, oh well and missing you." "Hm well that can be fixed." I say as sexy as I can. I may have big planes for tonight. "Ha I like that!" Harry says as our food comes. His hand stays firmly on my leg the hole night. We finish and by the end of the night we have had about four drink each. "Come on let's go" Harry says as we walk out of the bar. He gets in and drives to his house. He picks me up bridle style and walks into the kitchen. "Lets have some more drinks!" "Sure!" He grabs a few more beers out of the fridge and we walk into his bed room. We talk about ransoms things and a few drinks later I feel like whe've both had enough to drink. I feel the alcohol kicking in as I move closer to Harry. He pulls me on top of him and starts to kiss me behind my ears. He moves down my neck and to my chest. He pulls my shirt off and his hands fall on the small of my back. My hand go up his shirt and pull it off. His hands play with the back of my bra before taking it off. I play with his belt and then with his pant buckle. I undo his pant o tug them off his legs he flips us over so he tops. He pull off all of the rest of my clothes. I feel him getting harder as he grinds his hips into mine. I let out a few gasps before he finally takes everything else off and forcefully enters me. I can tell that this doesn't mean much to him now. The pain is unbearable. He is so large and he was so forceful. "HARRY!!!!!!" I yell as loud as I can. He doesn't stop, he goes faster. One hand is on my waist and the other is on my breast. All of his weight is in me and he just keeps going faster. I've never felt like this, tears street down my face. I let out another yell, and Harry looks up at me. He looks at me for a minute kisses me softly on my cheek. "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hurt you." He says barring his  head in my neck. "It's ok just go slower Haz." I can tell that he is upset with himself. He starts to move slower inside of me. He leaves sweet kisses down my neck as he moves slowly. He goes a bit faster but not much as he moves up to my lips. Now I feel much different. Pleasure runs through my body as I feel me reaching my peek. A warm sensation fills my inside of me and soon later he cums too. He falls beside me. I feel sleepy as Harry kisses my arms. I fall asleep in his arms and dream of our love.

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