London Love

Clara goes to London to visit her family but what happens her family lives right next door to Harry Styles


3. Game time

I woke up early and went into the kitchen to make myself something to eat. "Hey Clara did you sleep well?" My uncle asked. "Yeah thanks. Umm do you have coffee?" "Yeah here I'll   Make you some" he says and starts to make a pot of coffee. I hear my phone go off, I left it on the charger in my room the volume was up. It was Harry. "Hello" "Hi Clara, just wanted to ask you if you are still up to a game of football!" "Yeah of course!" "Great, do you wanna come over in like an hour?" "Yeah sounds good!" "Awesome I'll see you soon!!" "Ok!" He hung up first and I took my cup of coffee into my room. I got a quick shower before picking out what to wear. I put on a pair yoga pants and my favorite "Muse" t-shirt I got a few hers ago. I put my black converse on and put my hair up in a loose bun. I walked out to see Vincint getting ready to leave. "Hey I'm going to the movies with my friends will you be good here. I mean my dads here but he's leaving In like an hour." "Oh yeah and I'm going to play socc- football with Harry." "Oh yeah that's right! Have fun love!" "You too!" He leaves and wait a bit longer before making my way next door. 

    I knock on Harry's door and wait. "Oh hi sweetie!" Harry's mother says as she answers the door and let's me in. "Hi!!" "Harry is in the back yard honey." "Ok thanks!" I follow her to the back door and see Harry kicking a soccer ball around. "Clara is here." "Oh great!" "Ok well I'll leave you two! I have to go to work in about an hour ok?" "Yeah, mom thanks!" Anne was the sweetest person I've ever meet. I remember her veary well and loved seeing her again. "So you ready for some football" Harry asks. "Yeah!" "Ok let's do this!" He says and getting ready to play. The game starts and I'm terrible. I haven't played in years and Harry is not bad himself so it's even worse. I go to make a goal and completly miss out net. Harry laughs at me with a huge smile on his face. "I know I know I'm bad!" "Haha I'm not gona lie it's true!" "Oh whatever!!!" "Do you want a drink?" "Uh yes please." We where both out of breath and sweating. We walk in the house and get waters out of the fridge. "My mom must have left. You ready for lunch?" "Yeah, I'm starving!" "Ok." Harry starts to get out food to make sandwich's. "Want some help?" "Sure" he says. We finish and take our food outside. We talk about how bad I am at sports while we eat lunch. 

    After we finished we started playing again. I was losing again 3 to 0. I go to make a goal and I trip over Harry. "Oh my god I'm so sorry!" I say laughing. He sat up and looked at me, smerked and then flung himself on top of my tired body. "Don't be sorry!" He says, his face so close to mine. "I shold have warned you I suck at sports!" "It's really ok!! Clara...." "Yeah?" "Your so beautiful" he says right before leaning in to kiss me. I hesitate at first but the  give in. It was such a passionit kiss. I kissed him back. He pulled out of our kiss and looked at me. "I missed you" he says and then leans back in for another kiss.

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