Goal For Love

17 year old Rosie Thompson has been following her dream since she was 5; becoming a famous Soccer Champ. Her parents died when she was only 5 and her brother 10. 4 years later, her older brother had to leave her due to her age and moved in with their Aunt Patricia and Cousin Zayn. Age 16, Zayn and Rosie go to Soccer Camp for 4 months. What happens when Zayn(17) and Rosie(17) accidently check marks Singing Camp in her application to Syco Records and meets old and new friends?
*The Soccer and Singing Camps are all coordinated by Simon Cowell*


7. Ride to London

Rosie's POV

We finally got to the line and there weren't that many people in the line. I could tell Harry was trying to catch his breath for pulling me and my huge luggage. "I'm sorry for making you pull me." I felt so guilty. He finally spoke "It's okay love." he shot me a cheeky smile to where his dimple was showing. He seriously looks like the flirtatious type.

After we received our tickets back from the lady, I looked at my ticket and noticed that it says "First Class". What the hell was going on? "Harry, can I see your ticket?" I took the ticket from him it also said First Class! Ari has alot of explaining to do.

We walked through the tunnel and I was getting anxious. Sure the ticket says my name, but.. First class is too high class and expensive for me! I can tell my speed was increasing by the minute. We arrived inside the plane and Harry was barely catching his breath.

We finally found our seats and put our luggage on top. Harry in the other hand plopped in his seat looking like he ran a marathon. "Working out much?" I chuckled. His glares wanted me to laugh.

Since we were both settled and on our way to London, I want to get to know him a bit more.

"So Harry, what brought you to New York?"

"Sight-seeing, actually. I mostly visited my home street."

"You have a British accent though.."

"Yeah and you do also" He smirked.

"Are you saying you were born here?" I was a clueless puppy.

"No you got it wrong. I was born in London but I moved to New York to start a new life with my mum and sis. I lived in New York until age 9 and moved back to London. I actually had a bestfriend that lived here a couple houses away from each other."

"Where is he now?"

"He's in London. He is supposed to be waiting for me at the airport when I get there. Maybe when we arrive there I can probably introduce you to him."

"That would be fun!" Wow, this ride got pretty exciting since I made another friend! And I might make another too!

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