Goal For Love

17 year old Rosie Thompson has been following her dream since she was 5; becoming a famous Soccer Champ. Her parents died when she was only 5 and her brother 10. 4 years later, her older brother had to leave her due to her age and moved in with their Aunt Patricia and Cousin Zayn. Age 16, Zayn and Rosie go to Soccer Camp for 4 months. What happens when Zayn(17) and Rosie(17) accidently check marks Singing Camp in her application to Syco Records and meets old and new friends?
*The Soccer and Singing Camps are all coordinated by Simon Cowell*


1. New Author :)

Hello Movellians ( Yes I made that word up... Don't hate! :P ) Anyways, This is my first time doing a fan fiction. I am no expert at this! So if you have something bad to say about the story, please keep it to yourself.. Well, I can't control what is being said on the internet. I hope you guys enjoy this story of a 17 year old girl who dreams of being a soccer champion (Soccer!! WHOOO!!! XD) Enjoy!

P.S To pronounce my name that's shown on the cover (air-lyn) :)

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