Goal For Love

17 year old Rosie Thompson has been following her dream since she was 5; becoming a famous Soccer Champ. Her parents died when she was only 5 and her brother 10. 4 years later, her older brother had to leave her due to her age and moved in with their Aunt Patricia and Cousin Zayn. Age 16, Zayn and Rosie go to Soccer Camp for 4 months. What happens when Zayn(17) and Rosie(17) accidently check marks Singing Camp in her application to Syco Records and meets old and new friends?
*The Soccer and Singing Camps are all coordinated by Simon Cowell*


5. Airport Goodbyes..

Rosie's POV (age 16)

*car ride*

Ahh London.. I can't wait to arrive there...

Today I am 16 and on my way to London. Daniel and Angela said I was supposed to leave to London when I was 14 because that's when my brother Aaron had to leave to London, but told me we were in a car crash while we were on our way to the airport. They told me I was the only one who had amnesia. Actually, when I woke up from my coma, I knew who Angela, Daniel, Ari, Zaynie, Aaron, mom, dad, and Aunt Patricia was. I remembered my childhood memories, the first day I started soccer when I was 4, my 5th birthday. There was someone or something missing from that memory. I couldn't remember. Damn you amnesia. If amnesia was a person, I would want to punch it in the face.

The sky was a bit cloudy and rain was sprinkling on the car window. I watched as the the dew drops were racing down to the bottom of the window. Daniel was in the drivers seat while his wife Angela was in the passenger seat. I looked to my right to see my friend, Ari rubbing her nose with her hand. That was a sign when something is bothering her.

I took my phone out of my hoodie and texted her. I know it's dumb, but it kinda looked personal.

"You ok?"

I sent the text to her until the sound of her phone was vibrating. She unlocked her phone and I knew she was reading the message. She was tapping away on the screen of her phone. She placed her phone on the car door and I instantly got the text.

"Ya im fine, just a bit sad :/"

"Look I know the rain can be a bit depressing when you look at it :P"

"Hah no it's not that. It's cuz ur leaving"

"Luv, dont be sad :)"

"I can b. My best friend is ducking leaving :(" "Damn autocorrect -.-"

"Lol I will always Facetime, text, and call :)"

Angela and Daniel pulled at the entrance of the airport. As I said my good-byes to Ari and her parents, Ari handed me something shiny as I stood outside the car "You almost forgot about this.". I looked at my hand with the shiny object and it was my bracelet she gave me on my 5th birthday. My 5th birthday. Those memories had good but bad memories. Tears started running and my hands started shaking a little.

Ari came out of the car and hugged me tightly. She knew what I was going through all of these years "I'll miss you.." after all these years that I known her, she was the one who understood what I was going through. The one that I shared the pain with.. Yet, I am leaving her. It's very selfish of me to do that... I tried to make words come out of my mouth, but the two words that I could come with was "Thank you..." She pulled back the hug. Her hands were now in my shoulders "I love you Rosie. You were.. No, you are my other sister from another mister." I giggled when she said that. "I don't want you crying while you are in London. I won't be able to comfort you, so the only thing I want you to do is.. Keep smiling.. For me.." She then started crying. Her blue-ish green-ish eyes were sparkling while tears come out. I pulled her into a hug, my hand was still clinging onto the bracelet. Ari wiped her tears with her jacket sleeves and took the bracelet from me. She took my arm and put the bracelet on. I looked at it with admiration.

Ari's POV

I pulled her into another hug, but before I hugged her I found something shiny on her neck. It was kinda hiding under her blue Hollister hoodie. I moved her long brown hair between her ears and grabbed it lighly. I ran my fingers through the chain of the the shiny thing. It revealed her silver heart necklace, the one that Louis gave her on her 5th birthday. It was obvious that he liked her or likes her. Geez, I don't think I mentioned Louis to her. I think Rosie should find out on her own. Rosie smiled down to it "I forgot who gave this to me. I think someone special did.." I smiled looking at the heart. It looks exactly how it looked like when she first got it. "I guess this is good-bye" she said looking down at the ground.

Rosie's POV

"Thank you guys for taking care of Aaron and I for all of these years. I still can't believe you guys bought me an Iphone and a case!" they looked at me smiling "No need to thank us honey! You didn't ask us for anything throughout the time you lived with us." Angela said "I really need to repay you! You bought me a phone and the plane ticket-" Daniel cut me off "No need! Now run along inside!" Angela hit him playfully on the arm. I laughed.

As they were driving slowly passed by me, I heard Ari shout "Never forget me! Call me or Text me! BLUE PANDAS FOREVER! I LOVE YOU!" Blue Pandas was our soccer teams name. I was on that team since age 5. Ari and I's coach kinda had a mental issue.

I walked into the airport and there was barely anybody there. I saw people holding up name signs near the gates, waiting for their person to arrive. I walked up to the lady that was sitting behind the counter. There were two tunnels to the gates. Her fingers were tapping on the keyboard loudly. She looked really young. Her dark brown hair in a high bun, her light skin was cleared, and her metal tag said: "Amanda". "Excuse me.." She looked up at me and smiled "Hello! What can I help you with?" "I was wondering if you know where Gate 5 was." I gave her my plane ticket and she typed something in the computer. "Rosaline May Thompson. Ok, Gate 5 is the gate is right across from the mini mart. Oh, and you flight leaves at 8." She pointed in the back of her on the right side. She also gave me a sticker to put on my suitcase when I pick it up. "Thank you!" I smiled and she smiled back. I looked at my cartoon carrot watch. The carrot had big eyes with a cheeky smile on his face. His feet were apart and his glove hands were the watch hands. The small hand was on the 7 while the big hand was on the 3 (7:15). I still had time to do stuff. Right now, I had to go to the bathroom like badly.

Zayn's POV(16)

I look at the time and it's 2:15 in the afternoon. From where Rosie is now, it's 7:15. The flight will be 8 hours long, so she will be arriving at 11:00 at night. I'll call Rosie that mom called a cab to pick her up, waiting for her at the airport. I am planning a surprise party. Aaron and mom are helping me. I took out my phone to ring up Rosie. A few rings, and she answered.

Rosie's POV

I looked at the time on my lockscreen. The lockscreen had a bunny eating a carrot. It said 7:27. I wheeled my suitcase next to me and sat down in a chair near a wall. I also found an outlet to put my phone charger in. I shuffled through my bag for the charger. I finally found it and plugged it in the outlet and plugged in my phone. I was kinda hungry at the moment, so I took out my bag of carrots and watermelon. I was about to finish my 4th to the last carrot when I heard my phone go off. "Mad" by Ne-Yo was playing. I looked at the caller ID:"Zaynie(DJ Malik :)". Zayn always wanted to be a DJ, so he took classes. The picture of Zayn stuffing his face with ice cream was showing also. I answered.

'What up Zaynie?"

"Not much and can you please stop calling me that?"

"Hmmm.. Nah I'm good!"

"Ugh, whatever. Anyways, mom said she called a cab to pick you up. The driver will meet you at the airport holding a sign with your name on it."

"Ok that's fine."

"Oh and I almost forgot! Your stuff already arrived here. I brought the boxes up to your new room. You remember that room where all of our toys were and we would always play in there?"

"Yes I know that room. That room is like huge! I remember when we played with the legos in there, you cried because you would always step on them!"

"Shut up! They did hurt! Anyways, that will be your room. Oh and you have a puppy right?"

"Sweet and yes I do."

"Just wanted to make sure! Ok well I got to go! I have a bunch of stuff to do."

"Bitch please! You don't do shizz!"

"Haha, you know me so well."

"Yes I do, Zaynie. Yes I do."

"Stop it!"

"Ok, I'll stop. Anyways, I got to go. Phone is in the middle of processing."

"Ok bye! See you later!"

He ended the call. I looked at the percentage of my phone 97%. The time was 7:32. I put my phone in my front pocket of my jacket while it charges. I finished off my carrots and watermelons. I placed them in my bag so when I leave to the gate, I'll throw them away. I plugged in my earphones in my phone and put one earphone in my ear. I put my music to shuffle and the first song to come on was "Rainy Days" by Janel Parish. I sang softly to the song:

I wake up in the morning
Remember that you're gone
I wondered where the sun went
The rain is falling now

And I'm awake on this
Rainy day and I'm
Watching as my tears fall down the window pane
Yeah Yeah
Didn't I baby
Treat you right? 
And I watch the rain it makes us pure again
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

I tried to come and see you
But you wont let me in
I know we've had our moments
But can we start again? 

Cuz I'm awake on this
Rainy day and I'm
Watching as my tears fall down the window pane
Yeah yeah
Didn't I baby
Treat you right? 
And I watch the rain it makes us pure again
Yeah yeah yeah

And tell me how I'm gonna live without you
Feel like my world is falling apart
I watch the rain
Falling again
Wash away
Wash away

I'm awake on this
Rainy day and I'm
Watching as my tears fall down the window pane
Yeah yeah
Didn't I baby
Treat you right? 
And I watch the rain it makes us pure again
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

Harry's POV

I missed New York. It was fun visiting and seeing all of the places my mum took me. My mum and I moved to NY when I was 5 and moved until I was 9. My best friend Louis and I live in London. That's where I am heading right now.

"Gate 5.. Gate 5.. Where the bloody hell is that gate? It's 7:35 and I can't find the gate!" I ran all over the airport. I walked to the lady at the desk "Excuse me, miss." She looked up from her screen and smiled "What can I help you with?" she exclaims. "I was wondering if you can help me find Gate 5?" "Oh! Just walk through this side and find the number 5." she pointed her finger to my right. I thanked her and ran to that direction. I still had time so I walked. As I was admiring the atmosphere in the huge airport, I heard a person singing. It was a girl who was singing and it sounded beautiful! I stopped at my tracks and try to figure out where the singing was coming from. I turned around and saw a girl singing. I was about a few feet away from her. She was so into the music that I guess she didn't recognize me watching her. I feel like such a creep..

Rosie's POV

I looked at my phone and its 7:38. I was starting to get bored and my bum was kinda hurting for sitting too long. I got off of my seat and stretched. After stretching, I notice a guy looking at me. How long was he standing there? "How long were you standing there?" no reply. I stepped a bit closer to him, to where we were inches apart. "Hello?" I waved my hand in front of his face. I examined his face. Brown curly hair, pretty green eyes, and light pink lips. Now I was the one staring.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." he rubbed the back of his head in embarassment. I knew because his face was a bright red.

"It's fine, but really. Why were you staring at me?" I put my hands on my hips. "It's just that-" he was cut off by a lady on the intercom which I assume was Amanda.

"Flight to London, please go to Gate 5. Flight to London, please go to Gate 5. Thank you!" I went back to my area where I was sitting and grabbed my belongings. I went back to the curly head "What flight?" I asked him. "Excuse me? he looked confused "Where are you going?" I told him.

He took out his plane ticket and showed it to me. I took the ticket from him and examined it. London. Gate 5. Departuring Time: 8:00. Landing Time: 11:00 p.m. I gave him back his ticket. "Same. Let's head over to the gate." I smiled and we started walking. I threw the two empty bags in the trash and looked at the ground smiling "I'm sorry if I was being a bit rude right now, but it seems I didn't get your name." I felt a hand under my chin. I noticed that he lifted my chin to where we made eye contact with each other. My face was getting a bit hot and I didn't really like the feeling.

Harry's POV

"I'm Harry Styles." I smiled. Her face was turning a bit red and I chuckled "What's your name?" she kinda spaced out a bit "Oh.. Uh.. My name is Rosie Thompson." my hand left her chin and to where my hands were by my side. She said Rosie Thompson, right? She can't be the Rosie I knew.. By the looks on her face, she doesn't remember me. "Nice to meet you Harry." she smiled. I looked at the time on my watch. 7:42. "Let's hurry!" I grabbed her hand while she was wheeling her suitcase.

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