TDM: Another Story


Sabrina isnt an ordinary fact, no body is. Stuck in a concentration camp, she has no other option than to break out. What will happen to her friends, herself, or the people afraid of kids like her when she discovers how life is outside of camp?

I give 90% credit to Alexandra Bracken.


4. We Meet New Friends

I wake up to the sound of Green Day playing on the radio. Where am I? The ground felt soft underneath me, but I wasn't outside. Then I realized I was in the back of old van. Slowly, I sat up to investigate. The leather seats were torn and the windows were tinted and cracked. At first, I couldn't remember what happened before passing out. Then the memory came flashing back. Guards, escaping, my leg...OMG! I quickly looked at my leg, expecting to see dry blood all around it. Instead, my leg was bandaged, perfectly fine.

I decided to leave the van and find Jess. Once I was out, the cold air hit my face. It was dark out, so it must be late at night, but where was Jess? I was getting worried,  especially since I don't know what happened after I passed out. Then out of no where, I was bombarded by somebody!

"Sabrina! Your okay! Thank goodness," the person - Jess - exclaimed.

"Yes Jess, I'm fine," I said after she let go of me, "By the way, where are we and what happened after I, well, you know?"

"Well, after you lost consciousness, another boy and I took you into his van. Then one of his friends came and helped with you leg. Since you clearly weren't going to get up anytime soon, we went out to find some supplies. Oh, and we're somewhere in Virginia right now, but we are going to leave soon."

"Oh, okay," I said, relieved that everything was okay.

Just then, two boys and a young girl came into view. One was the boy who saved me from the PSFs, but the other boy and girl, I don't know who they are.

"Hey, I'm Liam," said the boy with blonde hair. "And this young lady is Zu."

She had short dark hair and was wearing gloves over her hands. 'I wonder why' I thought.

"And grumpy over there is Charles, but we call him Chubs," Liam said after a moment. "He helped stop the bleeding and remove the bullet that was in your leg."

The name "Chubs" didn't exactly make sense for a thin boy with black hair and glasses.

"Hey, I'm Sabrina. And thank you for helping me, " I replied. Zu waved and Chubs gave a small nod, then headed toward the van.

"Aren't we going to leave, Lee," Chubs said with impatience.

"Yeah. I just need to get my backpack," Liam responded.

At that, we all piled into the old van and Liam started the engine. Soon, we were off on the vast and empty highway. I don't know where we're going but at least this is a place where I can let my guard down. This is the first place in a very long time that I actually felt safe.

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