TDM: Another Story


Sabrina isnt an ordinary fact, no body is. Stuck in a concentration camp, she has no other option than to break out. What will happen to her friends, herself, or the people afraid of kids like her when she discovers how life is outside of camp?

I give 90% credit to Alexandra Bracken.


1. Surprise Awakening

I wake to the blaring sound of Thurmond's Calm Control. I hit the ground, screaming in pain. What in the world happened? But I couldn't concentrate with the endless, agonizing noise. I tried to stand up, but I fell back to the ground. Everyone else in my cabin was staring at me. Why aren't they being affected? Then it hit me. I remember hearing the PSFs a week before talking about a new Calm Control to find misplaced Oranges and Reds.

When I first got sent to Thurmond, it was a rainy, cold day. And being cramped in a loaded bus with my hands tied back wasn't exactly the highlight of my day. After a few hours, we reached a large camp. The PSFs pushed us, yelling and agitated, to the sorting building. One after one, kids would go in and out of six rooms. Some came out with green uniforms and some came out with blue ones, perfectly fine. But the kids sorted as Yellow, Red, and Orange were chained up. Then it was my turn. I walked into a brightly lite room and a young doctor was sitting at a desk. He had short, jet-black hair and was at least two feet taller than me. He then got up, shut the door, and approached me slowly.

"Hello, I'm Dr. Wilson. I will sort you to either Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, or Orange. What is your name?"

"Sabrina Stewart," I said warily.

He went back to his desk and typed something on his computer, then brought me to a strange machine.

"This machine will be used to scan you to see what abilities you have so we can properly classify you."

Then he tried to put me on the machine. There is NO WAY I was going on that thing. As soon as he touched me, I grabbed him by the arm.

"I am a green," I said, strangely calm.

As he began to stand up, I released his arm. He walked to his computer, started typing again, and then gave me a green uniform. 'That was a close one' I thought as I left the room. Afterward, a PSF came up and took me a cabin.


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