TDM: Another Story


Sabrina isnt an ordinary fact, no body is. Stuck in a concentration camp, she has no other option than to break out. What will happen to her friends, herself, or the people afraid of kids like her when she discovers how life is outside of camp?

I give 90% credit to Alexandra Bracken.


3. Saved By A Stranger

There isn't too much to say about life outside of camp. After we escaped, Jess and I found a deserted motel to stay in. There was still running water and electricity, so it was the ideal place to stay at. We've been there for about a week so far without getting caught. Whenever our food supply was low, we'd go out to find some. But we still had to stay hidden because the PSFs are searching for the kids that escaped. To avoid getting caught, at night the lights stay off and we take shifts during the night just in case something goes wrong. Being out of camp is even more dangerous since there bounty hunters, skip tracers, etc..

I was just about to fall asleep when I saw Jess, the color drained from her face. That's when I started to get nervous. Did they find us?

"Wh--" That's what I said before Jess literally dragged me from the bed into a closet. Jess looked afraid and confused. What did she see that I didn't? It must be serious if she couldn't wait for me to even ask.

"What's going on," I finally said in a low voice. "Did you see somebody?"

"I-I think I s-saw a few PSFs o-outside," Jess stuttered," probably checking i-if kids are hiding here." I snuck a peek out of the door to see if they were close by.

We stood there silently, not knowing what to do. It must have been a few minutes before we heard footsteps against the hardwood flooring. If we didn't act now, they would find and take us back to Thurmond. Jess and I must have thought the same thing because just as they reached the door, we bolted out of the closet toward the exit. Neither of us looked back and kept focus on getting out of there. Suddenly, we were outside, heading toward the thick forest nearby. Then I felt terrible, indescribable pain shoot through my leg. My heart was going a mile a minute. 'I just got shot,' I thought as panic took over. I looked at my leg, and I was losing a lot of blood.

Jess made it into the forest, but it didn't matter since the PSFs were focused on me. I was on the ground, close to losing consciousness. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw an object fly up and hit the PSFs - hard. As I sit there in shock, a boy with short blonde hair, ran up to me. He said something, but I couldn't hear over the pounding in my ears as I fell to the asphalt. The last thing I remember is him and someone familiar - Jess - pick me up and take me into the dark forest.

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