TDM: Another Story


Sabrina isnt an ordinary fact, no body is. Stuck in a concentration camp, she has no other option than to break out. What will happen to her friends, herself, or the people afraid of kids like her when she discovers how life is outside of camp?

I give 90% credit to Alexandra Bracken.


6. Not Out Yet

Liam, Chubs, and Zu started to wake up about an hour after what just happened.

"OMG! Where are we? Did we get captured," Chubs exclaimed, obviously scared out of his mind.

"Still on the highway and no, we didn't get captured," I said, slightly relieved.

"Why are we still here," Chubs asked, calming down a little.

"We can't drive with a flat tire," Jess replied. "And we don't know how to."

Liam finally snapped out of his haze and jumped out of the van. What was he doing? He was pacing back and forth. I finally said something.

"You okay, Liam? You're starting to worry me."

"I'm fine.... just thinking, that's all," he said. "I'm just wondering what that noise was."

"Same here," Chubs chimed in.

And I think Zu was nodding her head.

"You guys seriously haven't heard that before, like at your camp," I question.

All of them shook their heads. Seriously? If I didn't know any better, I'd  think their camp was in freakin' Candy Land.

"What camp did you go to, Disney, jeez," Jess complained.

"Well, can you tells us what that noise was," Chubs said, obviously annoyed.

"That noise was the Calm Control. It's used to distract kids from using their powers," Jess answered.

"Wow," Liam said after a while. "Did they have it at your camp?"

"Well, DUH! How else did you think we knew this," Jess sassed.

I heard Zu giggling at Jess's comment. For some reason, it makes me wonder why she practically doesn't talk.

"Sorry, I was just wondering," Liam said. "Anyway, I'm going to change the flat tire and then we'll find a place to stay at tonight."

"Okay," the rest of said at once.

Thirty minutes later, we were out again, looking for a place to sleep. Soon enough, we found a small motel much like the one Jess and I used to stay at. We found an empty room and quietly walked. It had two beds, a TV, and a small bathroom. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing. Zu went first to shower, then Jess, then Chubs. Apparently, I was next in that line.

I placed some clothes on top of the toilet and a towel nearby the shower. Then I hopped into the warm, running water. It felt good to finally shower after weeks of being either on the road or escaping those who want to catch us. Eventually, I was done and out of the bathroom. Once I was out, Liam came up to me.

"We made the sleeping arrangements. If you don't mind, you'll sleep on the floor over there."

"Okay," I said. "Aren't you going to shower?"

"Nah, I'll take one tomorrow," Liam replied.

Chubs and Zu were fast asleep, but Jess, Liam, and I were still awake. We didn't want to make any noise, so we just turned on the TV and lowered the volume. Not too long after, Jess and Liam had fallen asleep. I decided to shut off the TV and try to fall asleep myself.

 I was running through a thick forest, looking for something. I just kept running and running. Then I found something that was absolutely horrid. On the ground, all my friends were laying there, dead. There was pools of blood around every one of them. When I looked up, there was suddenly a gun at my face. I shot up, breathing heavily. That was the worst dream I ever had. The more I was thinking about it, the more I had the urge to cry. I got up and walked toward the door. I went outside, shut the door, sat down and cried. I was crying because of my dream, about being taken, and about something horrible that I did before being taken to Thurmond.

Just then, Liam walked out and saw me. Then he sat down next to me and put his arm over my shoulder.

"Why are you crying," Liam asked in a concerned voice.

"It's nothing, really," I replied.

"Don't lie to me. You can tell me the truth," Liam said.

"Well," I began. "I was just thinking about something I did that caused me to be taken to the camps."

"What's that," he asked.

"Before I was taken, I was playing with sister, Olivia. Since I didn't know I had my abilities, I didn't know how to control them. So when I touched her..." I started to sob at the thought.

"It's okay, you can tell me," Liam said.

"When I touched her, I erased myself from her memories. A flash of light hit my eyes, and before I knew it, she was screaming that a STRANGER was in her room. My mom realized what had happened, so she sent me to the camps."

Liam hugged me as I started to cry even more. He was kissing my forehead and telling me that everything is all right and that one day, I will find Olivia and somehow make her remember me.

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