TDM: Another Story


Sabrina isnt an ordinary fact, no body is. Stuck in a concentration camp, she has no other option than to break out. What will happen to her friends, herself, or the people afraid of kids like her when she discovers how life is outside of camp?

I give 90% credit to Alexandra Bracken.


2. A Daring Escape (3 weeks later)

Time is running out. What if this doesn't work? The PSFs is on the verge of finding out not only who I really was, but also the other Oranges and Reds that escaped detection.

"Melissa, are you sure this escape plan will work," I questioned.

"Yes, I'm sure of it," she said confidently. Melissa is another girl in my cabin who found a lope hole out of being detected. She was a Red and, clearly, the brain of our escape plan.

"When will the plan take place again," a girl named Jess, who is an Orange that also escaped detection, asked.

"Once we go to the Mess Hall for dinner," Melissa said. "Now be quiet! The PSF will be here soon."

And speak of the devil, a shorter PSF in the usual black uniform came in, to take us dinner. We reached the Mess Hall, and I can feel the nervousness and tension in the air. 'This is actually going to happen,' I thought as we walked in. Strangely, there weren't many PSFs in the Mess Hall. But that didn't make them any less dangerous. All of them were armed with huge guns and a small machine that has the sound of the Calm Control.

We walked halfway into the Mess Hall before taking action. Our plan was for Jess and I to distract the guards while Melissa ran to the control room to open the gates so that others can escape, too. But it didn't go down that way. Jess and I sprang into action, running around and using our abilities. Our plan was working until a tall PSF caught Melissa, who was still struggling to get away. Then he pulled out a shot gun and pressed it at Melissa's head.

"You kids," the PSF said with disgust, " will stay put. Or I can't promise that my finger won't slip from the trigger."

Jess and I didn't know what to do at that point. If we still continue with our plan, it could cost Melissa's life. We could see she was gasping for air because of the guard's grip on her neck.

"Go on with the plan! It's okay. If I die, I die with dignity," Melissa managed to say.

"We'll....never forget you," Jess said, her voice breaking.

At that, we dashed passed guards, dodging whatever they tried to do to stop us. We finally made it the control room and pulled the lever that opened the gates. Chaos broke lose, thousands of kids running out through the gate. Then Jess and I sped through the crowd, finally making it out, overjoyed. But it was short-lived because an unmistakable noise shot through the air. And we knew that others were being killed, with Melissa being the first to go.

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