One Direction Imagines {ON HOLD}

Anything I need to know!!!!


4. Tyler and Zayn

"NO JACK, YOU CAN'T DIE!" I yelled at the screen as I watched Titanic, blowing my nose about every five seconds. And about every ten seconds I shoved my hand under my glasses to wipe the tears that just kept falling down.

"Ty, you've seen this movie about twenty-billion times, do you have to yell that every time?" My best friend Zayn asked me, and I could practically hear him rolling his eyes.

"Shh, I need to know what happens next," I shoved my hand in the direction of his face, just as Rose was letting Jack fall from their 'raft'. I was about to yell something else at Rose, but the screen suddenly went black

"Zayn, why did you-" I started.

And suddenly his lips were on mine.

And I didn't back away.

And I kind of liked it. (Okay, I really liked it.)

And as soon as he pulled away I wanted more.

"Ty-" He started a guilty look on his face.

"Oh shut up, Z," I ordered and kissed him again.


One Year Later- To The Day

"Zaynie? Where are you?" I asked skipping through the house, like a little child. I turned around the corner that led to his bedroom in our shared, and saw Zayn sitting down, with his head in his hands.

"Zayn?" I whispered as I slowly approached him, "What's wrong?" He looked up at me, with and unsatisfied glint in his eyes.

"I can't do it," He thought out loud.

"Can't do what, damn it Zayn just freaking tell me!" I said in frustration.

"Ty, I love you." He told me. I stiffened up. He loves me. He loves me. He loves me.

Before I could stop myself the words ran out of my mouth, "I love you, too."

And he kissed me. Again.

Only this time it was better. This time we knew. We knew how we felt. And it felt good.


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