One Direction Imagines {ON HOLD}

Anything I need to know!!!!


5. Sydney and Niall

"I cannot believe we are going to meet One Direction!" Madison squealed, and I covered my ears, trying to block out the constant fangirling that she had done throughout that whole concert.

"Mad, you are mad," I told her, seriously.

"And that's what I pride myself in," She replied, flipping her hair towards me, which I dodged with ease. Being sisters with Madison and her constant hair flipping taught me a few things.

"Maybe Harry will fall in love with me as soon as he sees me. Or maybe after I crack an awesome joke, Louis will see how amazing I am and ask me to marry him. Or-" She started to ramble when I covered her mouth.

"Mad, I you will never see the light of day if you keep fangirling," I warned her, shutting her up.

Creek. The door made an annoying sound.

"Hello," I heard an Irish accent say from behind me. I whipped around to see that I was in the presence of an angel.

"OH MY GOD NIALL HORAN." Madison fangirled, making me silently curse her.

"Ha, yeah," He scratched the back of his neck, not even looking at Madison. He was staring me right in my eyes. Right into my soul. Okay, maybe not my soul, but you get the point.

"Hey Niall," I heard a voice say as the door creaked open for a second time.

"OH MY GOD HARRY STYLES!" Madison fangirled again, and I rolled my eyes again, but stayed to myself.

"AND LIAM PAYNE, AND LOUIS TOMLINSON AND ZAYN MALIK! IS THIS A DREAM?!" Madison was practically crying, and I facepalmed my self.

Niall was still staring.

"Who are you?" Asked Harry.

"Madison. And that girl over there" she jabbed her thumb in my direction, "is Sydney, my sister."


"Sydney, that's a really pretty name," Said a voice behind me, making me jump slightly.


"Sydney, that's a really pretty name,"

"My friends call me Syd, or Aussie."


"Sydney is the most populous city in Australia."

"Aussie. Suits you." I nodded, and turned my attention away from Niall, and back to Madison's.

"You're really pretty," My cheeks flushed.


"Here text me sometime, ya?" He handed me a note, which I assumed had his number on it.


"Sydney!" Madison interrupted our little moment.

"I have to go." I pointed towards the door.

"Yeah, I get it. Bye,"



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