One Direction Imagines {ON HOLD}

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3. Danica and Louis

Danica Pine hit the last note of her hit single 'Perfection', and jogged off the stage as the crowd screeched in approval.

Everyone congratulated her as soon as she was backstage; from 'Great job's to 'Dani you were perfect!'s

"You did great- amazing actually!" Her boyfriend pulled her aside, secretly.

"Lou, you're not supposed to be here!" She tried to scold him, but failed, and started to giggle wildly.

"Yeah, but if I wasn't here could I give you a congrats kiss?" He asked as his lips touched hers. Dani smiled into it, and so did Louis.

"You know what I think," Dani suggested, "That we should go public. We've been dating for-what? three months?- three months, and both Directioners and Pigeons don't know. I think it's time."

Dani looked at him, with so much admiration, and happiness, and love in her eyes, that he couldn't say no.

"Of course, Nica."


"Hello! And welcome to, The Hope Show! I'm Hope, and today we have not one, but two special guests, appearing at the same time!" Hope-the talk show host- smiled, and was greeted by applause and screams from the audience.

"Let's welcome, Danica Pine, singer of her hit single 'Perfection'!" Dani waved as she was pushed onto the set of the show.

"Hope, I've told you this before, please call me Dani!" She told Hope.

"Okay, Dani, I've heard you have some news for us?" Hope got straight to the point.

"Well," Dani took a deep breath, trying to calm down the butterfly's in her stomach, "I wanted to announce that I'm in a relationship."

"With who, I may ask?" Hope asked, ignoring the gasps and whispers from the audience.

"With my caring, sweet, amazing, gorgeous, boyfriend Louis Tomlinson." She told the world as Louis-who was now considered her boyfriend- walked onto the stage, waving and smiling.

As he sat down he said the sweetest thing-well to Dani at least- "And, I'm amazingly happy in my relationship with my beautiful, kind, sweet, funny, wonderful, caring, sassy, crazy girlfriend, whom I love with all my heart."

And they kissed.


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