48th Annual Hunger Games

I wrote this fan fic with my BFF Izzy. Its a Hunger Games fan fic. Big Time Rush is in this, but if you hate them, like me, you will love what happens. One Direction is in this too, of course. Plz read. Enjoy!


7. There's Nothing I Do Better Than Revenge

Girl From 11's P.O.V.


Since there can only be one tribute from a district, I'm gunna kill the guy from my district. I've been in an alliance with him and he is currently sleeping. I take my knife and stab him. A cannon fired. He's dead. Now even less tributes. I see a boy run up to me. He shoots me. I think I'm slowly dying. It really hur...


Izzy's P.O.V.


My leg is seriously messed up. James and I are kind of a couple now. I smile at the thought of that. I make a splint out of wood for it and I have been practicing my swordplay with the splint. Honestly, sometimes I wish I would fight someone so they could chop my leg off. James and I have been getting presents cuz people think we're gonna win. Plus, were a cute couple. One day, we were running out of sponsor food, so I killed a deer by throwing my sword. Cool talent huh. Yeah, pretty cool. Anyway, James and I ate it by the fire. No one has been messing with us. That's good. No deaths either. People are just laying low I guess.


Harry's P.O.V.


No one has been messing with me. There have been no deaths. My hand really hurts though. It's wrapped tightly in the bandage. I wash my hand in the river at least once a day to keep it clean. I've been getting a lot of food from my Directioners because it is bar for me to hunt and they love me. All I want is to get back home to them and the boys. I miss home. And if I get home, I will never have to see Izzy again. By the end of the games, either me or Izzy will be alive or dead. I hope I live. That's all I want.


Izzy's P.O.V.


I hobble out of our cave and go look around. I go to a brook. I look at myself. I'm muscular, and strong, but caked in dried blood. I sigh as I walk away. I unseath my sword and poke at some mud. All of a sudden I hear a rustling in the tree. It's Harry.


Gamemaker's P.O.V.


The arena is quiet, calm, peaceful, birds singing. I hate it. I want to speed things up. We only have six tributes left and four of them have to die. I talk to the other game makers. They agree that we have to speed things up. We decide to make another muttation (AKA mutts). We are going to make wolf birds. They're wolves that fly. We will have them kill a few people and it will be more interesting for the crowd. All we want is entertainment for the crowd. The mutation will take a few days to create. Then it will bring the people's interest back. I think they're getting a little bored. We have to do something.


Izzy's P.O.V.


What do I do? I think to myself.

"Get out of the tree and fight me like a man you coward!!"

I yell. I get my sword in hand ready to fight. I have a move that I plan on using.

"James I love you."

I whisper. I'm determined to kill this wuss. I take a deep breath. I think of strategies that I've practiced. I crack my knuckles and get into a ready stance. My leg is going to slow me down, but that won't stop me.

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