48th Annual Hunger Games

I wrote this fan fic with my BFF Izzy. Its a Hunger Games fan fic. Big Time Rush is in this, but if you hate them, like me, you will love what happens. One Direction is in this too, of course. Plz read. Enjoy!


11. The Capitol

Izzy's P.O.V.



I throw my trident and it hits the center of the cornucopia. I slash at everything in my sights with the sword. I retrieve my trident and put my sword back in my sheath. I take off my helmet. I carry it. James embraces me in a huge hug. I realize what I am. I sit ontop of the cornucopia

"I'm a bloodthirsty, killing animal!!!"

I yelled out.

"I killed most of the people in this arena!"

I yell. The helicopter comes and picks us up. As soon as I step into the helicopter, I clutch my trident and black out immediately.


Harry's P.O.V.


I wake up. I look around. I am in an empty room. No one is around.


I call out. An Avox walks in.

"What happened?"

I ask even though I know she can't talk. A doctor comes in.

"Good. You're alive."

He says.

"What happened?"

I ask again.

"We have you a fake hand and a fake foot and stitched all of your cuts."

I look at my hand. It is fake. I pull the blankets off and look at my foot. I can't believe it.

"When am I gunna see my family and friends again?"

I ask.


The doctor replies. I stand up and the Avox gives me some food. I eat it quickly. I didn't know how hungry I am. Then I drink some water. It's so good.


Izzy's P.O.V.


I guess some doctors did some surgery on my leg and arm. There's a clear glass between Harry and I's rooms. He can see me. I start punching stuff and yelling. I still have my armor on witch is really awesome. They have my sword and trident in a glass case. I ram up against it but it doesn't break. I break the medical table. I knock the supplies everywhere. I should have killed him the first time.


Harry's P.O.V.


I'm so bored. I wish I could see the boys, my mum, and Gemma. I can't believe I won. I'm one of the victors of the 48th Hunger Games. My mum and Gemma come to see me. I jump up and hug them. Then the boys come in. I'm so happy to see them. I though I never would again. They stay with me for a little while.


Izzy's P.O.V.


James comes in. I hug him.

"We lived!"

I exclaim.

"We did!"

James replies. He kisses me. I smile. We're the perfect team.

"I gotta go, doctors want me I guess."

James says with a laugh. I smile,

"ok see you later."

I say. I sit down and try to chill out. I look at the room. I trashed it. Big time. I see Harry with his friends. He and his friends look at me. I give Harry an evil look and I punch the glass and take out my trident and aim for his head. I throw it, perfect aim. He ducks and my trident hits the wall.

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