48th Annual Hunger Games

I wrote this fan fic with my BFF Izzy. Its a Hunger Games fan fic. Big Time Rush is in this, but if you hate them, like me, you will love what happens. One Direction is in this too, of course. Plz read. Enjoy!


5. Hunting

Harry's P.O.V.


I hear the cannon fire again. One more tribute is dead. I wonder who died. I don't really care. I'm still alive and I haven't seen anyone since the blood bath. It's good. I haven't made any kills, but it's ok. I don't need to worry about anyone killing me. I've been living off the lake, fishing and drinking it, and I've been fine so far. No one knows where I am and they've probably forgotten about me. I have a great chance in these games. I'm gunna live. I'm determined to get back home. My Directioners need me. So do the boys. And my family. Gemma really thinks I can get home. I want to believe her. I'm not sure I can. I go down to the river to get a drink. I'm really thirsty. I hate these games. It's hard to see a bunch of people die because the capital is sick. Why can't the capital have their own kids kill each other so they know how we feel. We don't want to die because President Snow is stupid.


Izzy's P.O.V.


James and I pack up camp and head out hiking. We go and find food and water. We find a tree and someone's in it.

"Who ever you are get down here so we can kill you!"

I yell. I take out my sword and get ready to fight.


Carlos' P.O.V.


I stay as quiet as I can. I breathe slow and quiet. I can't die. I'm the only tribute left in 12. I hear a cannon fire. Then two more. Three more tributes must be dead. Tributes must have gotten into a fight. I look in the sky and see a body with a 5 on it being carried away. James is at the bottom of the tree so it's Mack. Then two more bodies go up. One with a 11 and one with a 1. The girl from 1 is already dead so it is the guy and it looks like the guy from 11 is dead. I look down. Izzy and James haven't moved. I just stay here and try to enjoy my last moments of life because I eventually have to come down and as soon as I leave the tree, I will be dead.


James' P.O.V.


"Come on!! You're gonna die anyway!!"

I say with my dagger in my hand. I have an idea. I start a fire. Then I take a stick, dip it in the fire and throw it in the tree. Carlos jumps down and Izzy and him start fighting. I'm scared for her, I really am. She's a little nervous too, I can tell. She's really good with a sword. I like her. Like not as a friend, and ally, but like, I like like her.


Carlos' P.O.V.


I got burnt by the fire. It really hurts. I push Izzy down and sprint away. I see a river. I run to it. Then an arrow catches me in the arm. I see the one and only Harry Styles. He has a bow in his hand. I rip the arrow out of my skin. All of a sudden, I see him running at me with a spear in his hand. The shiny blade aims at my heart. It strikes hard. Blood starts gushing out I me. I choke. I've never felt pain even close to this. I would rather be dead. Harry still has the spear in his hand.

"Kill me. Go on."

I make out. I could barley make a sound though. He stabs me again straight in the heart. I feel a ton of pain and...

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