Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


29. You're Serious?

Tess's POV

When I made my way upstairs all the boys were already outside in the pool. I changed into my red bikini that top was a halter that tied in the back. I looked at myself and began to wonder what would happen if I actually was pregnant. Would Liam leave? He is the sweetest person ever but he has a career that he loves and a baby would just get in the way. I shook off the feelings. I could not even be pregnant but just to be safe a bought a test and planned on taking it tomorrow when the boys were in a meeting. I grabbed a towel and headed outside. 

The boys were all having a splashing war and El was tanning with her sunglasses on. I needed to relax so I joined her in the chair. The boys continued to yell loudly and splash each other as if they were still in elementary school. They played for hours and hours and me and El made some BBQ. The boys announced they were having a boys night going to some club. So me and El decided to have a girls night in complete with nail doing,chick flicks,and ice cream. 

The boys all headed out at around 11. I hated not being able to kiss Liam goodbye but a deals a deal. Me and El snuggled on the couch with our nail polish and cookie dough ice cream. We decided to watch The Notebook,The Breakfast Club,and Ever After. We finally went to our room around 3 am and the boys still weren't back yet.

I changed into my PJs and crawled onto my side of the bed. I was causally scrolling through my mentions on twitter and I noticed a pattern. A lot of them were pictures with captions saying something along the lines of seeing Liam at the club tonight. I clicked on a few and saw Liam talking really close with another girl with a drink in his hand. I saw another picture of him and a different girl but they were dancing,like grinding together. And then the last picture of him and another girl making out. Tears prickled in my eyes and started down my cheeks. How could he? How could he do that to me? I slowly got up and locked the door to the room so he couldn't get in, I didn't want to see him. Not now. 

The Next Morning

I woke up at 11 and saw I had a new text:


Love, please please please let me explain when I get back from work today. I'll be home around 12. Please. 

I just stared at the text blankly and responded with a simple okay. I went to the bathroom to take the dreaded test. I sat at the edge of the tub waiting for what seemed like hours. When my alarm finally went off and I slowly made my way to the white test on the sink. I took a deep breath before looking down at that pink positive sign.

I heard the boys come home, I haven't left the room all day. All I did was change into jean shorts and a tye-dyed T-shirt. My eyes were horribly puffy and red. I heard Liam run upstairs and knock on the door. I told him to come in. I was sitting on my side of the bed with my back to the pillows and my legs crossed. Liam slowly walked in and sat in front of me. 

"Sweethe-" before he could finish I cut him off.

"No, I have something to say first. Liam, you know how much pain and hurt I've had in my short 19 years of life but when you came into my life you made it all go away but in a second you can make it all come back. I know you were drunk and it was a mistake but it can't happen again,ever.I love you and want to make this work but you need to too," I said firmly to him not breaking eye contact. 

Then,to my surprise,Liam started to cry,"baby I am so so sorry. I was being the biggest idiot ever. I drank way too much and didn't even realize it. I don't deserve such a forgiving and understanding person like you in my life," he finished, tears slowly running down his cheeks and I took his hands in mine.

"But I have something else to tell you,"I said quietly while looking at our hands.

"What is it?" Liam asked.

"Well," I sighed trying to muster up the courage,"I'm pregnant." I looked back up at Liam who was already looking at me in the eyes.

"You're being serious this time?" Liam asked and I nodded in response waiting for his reaction. Just then, a huge grin appeared on his face. He then crawled over next to me and leaned me back so I was leaning against the frame. He continued to place his head on my stomach and rub it lovingly.

"Hi little one,"Liam began to coo,"it's Liam,you're daddy.I just found out about you today and cannot wait for you to enter this world.I love you very much,little one." I couldn't help but let tears fall from utter happiness. 

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