Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


36. Runaway

Liam's POV

I heard my alarm go off and I quickly turned it off and stretched. I looked down at and smiled at Tess who was snuggled up into my side.It was the first time since a few days ago she's looked peaceful while she was sleeping. I got up and started walking to the bathroom but on my I accidentally knocked down a stack of books Tess had on the dresser.

"Shit,"I mumbled while I picked them up. I noticed a folded up piece of paper with my name on the top.I unfolded it and started reading. I started to read my heart felt like it was breaking.She was going to leave because she thought everything was her fault.I looked over at her sleeping so soundly,waiting for me to leave for work and then she was going to leave because she thought she wasn't good for me.But she couldn't be more wrong. Yeah I was not going to let her leave. I texted Simon to let him know you couldn't make it to the meeting because of an emergency. This definitely qualifies as an emergency,the girl I loved was about to leave me and I had to stop her. I had to come up with a plan. So,I decided to take all her clothes from the dresser and closet at hide them. 

I hid them downstairs in cabinets in the kitchen,sat on a bar stool,and waited. 

Tess's POV

My head was killing me and I was exhausted as I opened my eyes. It was already 7:30 and Liam was gone so I had to act fast. I lugged my suitcase from under my bed. I placed it on my bed and went to go open the dresser drawer but I saw I whole lot of nothing.I looked through the other drawers and all Liam's stuff was still there.What the hell?I went to my closest and all my stuff was missing from there too.I couldn't be more confused.I guess I'll search for my runaway clothes.I went down stairs and as I rounded the corner I saw Liam sitting on stool in the kitchen. I stopped dead in my tracks and heart dropped.

"Looking for something?"Liam asked before getting up and walking towards me.His facial expression was hard and serious.Crap.He must have found the letter and probably hid all my clothes. He slowly got up and started walking towards me.

"Liam,just stop.Don't make this harder than it already is.Just please let me go,"I begged him taking a few steps back but having my back pressed against a wall.

"No.I'm not going to let you go,"Liam said sternly to me while walking towards me again. 

"I'm no good for you,"I said softly while looking down.I saw a tear land on the hardwood floor and felt Liam's finger lift my chin up.

"You're the best for me,"Liam said back wiping my tears with is thumb. 

I shook my head and moved his hand from my face,"no.I'm not! I'm broken! And just because you love me doesn't obligate you to fix me,it's not your job,it's mine," I yelled at him with more tears streaming down my face. I pushed pass him in search for the clothes he obviously hid from me. I haven't even take a few steps before I felt his arms over my shoulders turning me around to face him.

"Just stop and listen to me!It's not like I feel like I need to help you it's that I want to!You're good for me because you're everything I'm not;you say it like it is,you trust people so easily,you refuse to take any shit from anyone and I want to learn from you!You need to stop trying to push me away because I'm not going anywhere and I don't want you to either.That letter was probably scariest thing I've read,knowing that if I wouldn't have found it,I would've lost you," Liam said assertively back to me. 

"I'm sorry,"I whispered before breaking out into sobs. Liam just sighed and pulled me into his arms and let cry.



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