Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


65. Messy

Tess's POV

I was trying to soothe a now 2 month old Avia back to sleep. It was 4 in the morning and Liam was away for the first time since we've had Avia. He and the boys were doing a few interviews in Ireland. Usually, when she wakes up and doesn't need to be fed Liam holds her but since he isn't here I'm doing that. She missed her daddy, I miss him.I've been tirelessly walking around the room for hours now and she still is crying. I'm starting to have a sense of helplessness. No one else is even in the house. El's traveling for her job, Alex is at her parents, Monique was on a business retreat, and Carolina is staying at her dorm in uni. 

I suddenly get this wave of sadness and tears just start rushing down my face.

"Shh baby,please calm down?"I almost beg Avia as I gently bounce her around the room, but it doesn't work. I grab my phone to dial Liam's number, maybe hearing his voice will soothe her. 

"Baby?"Liam's tired voice answered.

"She..she..won't go..to..to...sleep for me,"I cried to him. 

"Okay shhh,calm down,"Liam quietly soothed,"did you try singing,rocking,humming?"

"Yes..I-I tried everything. It's you,babe,"I explained,"she misses you. I'm going to put the phone to her ear and you talk to her,okay?"

I gently placed the phone next to Avia's ear. I faintly heard him talk to her and sing a little. Within a minute she was asleep again. 

"Kay,"I sighed,"she's asleep." 

"Good,now,go back to sleep,love,"Liam yawned. 

"Okay,"I said while finally placing Avia in her cot and snuggling under the cover,"I miss you,"I whispered,letting a tear fall down my cheek. 

"God,I miss you too,so much,"Liam sighed,"I'll see you both in a couple days. I love you."

"I love you too,"I replied and hung up the phone. 


I stretch in my too empty bed and check the time. 9am. Wow,Avia is still sleeping. I walked over to check on my sleeping girl and she was sucking her little thumb, just I like did until I was like 4. I took my phone and snapped a pictures so I could tweet it. 

"Her first time sleeping past 7am. Too bad Daddy missed it! Hurry up and come home @Real_Liam_Payne, your girls miss you." 

I sent the tweet and almost immediately got one back. It had a picture of Niall,Harry,and Louis wrestling each other. 

"@tessalyse awww she looks so cute,just like her mother:) I'm stuck babysitting these 3 kids. I'll be home before you know it babe xxxxx." 

I smiled and looked at Avia when I noticed her moving around a bit. Those brown eyes met mine and she showed me that ever so lovable gummy smile. I picked up and rested her on my hip. 

"Good morning,Avey,"I sang to her while attacking her cheeks with kissing causing her to giggle. Oh my god, her first laugh. It sounded like the sweetest music. Before she'd always attempt a giggle or laugh but it was never quite there, until today. I whipped out my phone and decided to record it and send it to Liam. I sat on the bed with Avia on my lap and I held her up with one hand and hit play. 

"Hi baby!"I smiled,"so guess what your daughter did today? She laughed for the first time and you missed it but I'm going to show you the second time she laughed,okay,here we go," I started kissing Avia's cheeks causing her to let out an adorable giggle. I pulled away and smiled at her,"well there ya go,babe. I love you,bye,mwahhhh" 

I stood back up placing her on my hip again and going to change her and feed her. 

Liam's POV

"Liammmmm!"I heard Louis yell from the dressing area of the building we were in. 

"Yeahhhhhh!" I called back.

"You got a video message from your baby mama,"Louis informed me. I got up and walked to the room next door and picked up my phone and pressing play. 

"Hi baby!" I heard Tess's voice chirp. She was sitting on our bed with Avia in her lap. I missed them so much. Tess's hair was tied up in a bun and she was wearing one of my sweaters. She looked tired but those eyes still had that sparkle. That perfect American accent was telling me about how Avia laughed today and she was going to show me. Tess started kissing her cheeks over and over first causing Avia to smile but then a sweet giggle came out. I couldn't help but smile widely. I was going to replay the video but it was time for the interview.

"Allright boy,first things first, how is family life Liam?" our interviewer asked while flipping her hair. 

"It's amazing. Tess is a wonderful mother to Avia,"I beamed. 

"It must be tough being away from them,"she stated.

"Yeah it is. I miss them like crazy. Tess actually sent me a video a few minutes ago of Avia laughing which she's never done before,"I explained. 

"Aww how precious,you have to show it to me,"she awed. 

After the interview I was checking twitter and I noticed and article labeled "Jenna Hale Reveals Rumor About 1D Heartthrob"

I read it and she was telling lies about how I lived at her flat for a week and even had a little fling, after Tess had sex with Harry. This lead to more rumors about if Avia was even mine. Just then my phone went off with a call from Tess.

"You saw it?"was the first thing I said to her.

"Yeah,that bitch. Now there are paparazzi all outside the gate of the house,"Tess explained. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair.

"I'm going to call Simon and ask if we can come home,I'll call you after babe,"I quickly said and hung out. I saw that I had a text. 


Stop ignoring me,Liam. You know we had something when you stayed over ;) I'll stop at nothing to be sure we end up together. Just dump the mama drama and be with me. I will stop at nothing. 

I quickly dialed Simon's number. This was going to get messy, I could already feel it.  

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