Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


8. Just Do It(2)

Liam's POV

I head back into my room and Tess isn't in the bed anymore. I hear the shower in the bathroom turn on and assume she's taking a shower. I lay on the bed and scroll through Twitter on my phone, replying to some fans as I go along. A few minutes later I hear something come from the bathroom. "Shut the door, turn the lights off, I wanna be with you , I wanna feel your love," I hear Tess sing so angelically from the shower. Her voice is damn near flawless. Does this girl have any flaws? I stare at the bathroom door and continue to listen to her perfect voice. I hear the shower shut off after she finishes the song. I make up my mind that I'm going to try my hardest to make Tess trust me so I can make her mine. I hear the bathroom door handle click and I walk and stand in front of it. "Oh my god, you scared the shit out of me," Tess says while placing her hand over her chest. I look her up and down and can't believe how perfect she looks. Her makeup less face looks absolutely flawless and her dark hair fell perfectly over her shoulders. She was wearing a pair of shorts and my t-shirt which look ten times better on her. 

I look her in her light brown eyes and say, "I like my shirt on you." Tess smiled shyly and looked down. I took that opportunity to move a step closer to her and place my hand on her cheek. I look down at her perfect lips. I move a little closer so we're only centimeters apart now. I look a her lips once more and she's biting them. Damn.  "Just do it," Tess says in the sexiest voice. I smirk at her before placing my lips on her, gently. Then, she wraps her arms around my neck pulling me closer and I rest my hands on her waist. Next, I slip my hands under her shirt and start to skim the sides of her torso. I let my tongue trail her bottom lip, begging for entry and she grants it. "Jump," I tell her and immediately her legs are around my waist. I gently push her against the wall and place my hands under her thighs. I move my lips from her lips down to her neck. As she's running her fingers through my hair I seem to have found her sweet spot. Tess lets out a sensual moan and I smile into her neck. I suck and bite that exact spot, leaving my mark. Just then, the door swings open. 

"Hey! Tess...oh shit! I'm so sorry!" Monique says embarrassed. Tess jumps down and shakes her head and says to Monique, "no, what is it boo?" Aw, her nickname for her best friend is so cute. "Well, I was wondering if you wanted to head back home. We're going to that rave tonight, remember?" Monique tells Tess. Tess nods her head, "oh yeah, I totally forgot! You guys should come with us!" I smile at her, "yeah, it sounds fun! I'll ask the rest of the boys and text you. Yeah?" Tess smiles at me and nods her head yes. I kiss her on the cheek and she says bye to me and the rest of the boys. As I close the door behind them I sigh. Wow, is all I could think. 

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