Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


3. Invitation

Tess's POV

Me and Monique made it back to my house from our day of shopping and running into hot british boy band members. As soon as  we walked into the living room we both flopped on the couch. I checked my pink iPhone to see if Liam has texted me, but he hasn't. My heart dropped a little but what did I expect? He was a handsome celebrity and I was some college girl living in California with enough baggage for 10 people.

"What's wrong?" Monique asked. She always knew when something was wrong, that's what best friends are for. I sighed and turned to face her on the couch while crossing my legs and began to vent.

"Its just that I got my hopes up when Liam asked for my number and I was half expecting him to text me but I guess it was just out of courtesy. I know it's kind of strange for me to even want to get to know another guy since Cody and that disaster but he seemed different and--" before I could finish I heard my phone vibrate. Monique looked at me with a reassuring smile as I looked at my phone.

From: Unknown

Hey! It's Liam..from the mall. I would really like to get to know you better so I was wondering if you would like to hang out sometime?

I read it at least 20 times to be sure it was real. I showed it to Monique and she squealed with joy. "What do I say!?!?!" I asked her with urgency while jumping on the couch. "Calm down Tessie!! Well you're free tonight, tell him that!" 

To: Liam

Hey:) I would love to hang out! I'm actually free tonight if you wanted to do something.

I shook my leg in anticipation for a text back. Me and Monique were both staring at my phone waiting for it to light up again. When it finally did I practically screamed. 

From: Liam

Tonight is perfect:) The boys and I are having a movie night at my hotel room and you're more than welcome to join us, bring your friend too! You can meet us at the Marriott in San Jose at around 8pm. 

I couldn't help but smile. I showed the text to Monique and told her she had to come with me and she of course agreed. Monique practically lived at my house so she always had clothes here. We changed into yoga pants and t-shirts and we were ready for our 1D movie night. 

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