Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


25. I win

Tess's POV

After me and Liam made up we just sat together in the same place,me on his lap with my arms around this neck and one of his hands was on my leg and another around my waist. When I was with Cody we would never do cute couple-y things like that, I don't even think he told me he loved me,only if I said it first,or why, so I got curious. "Liam?" I asked him softly. He looked in the eyes,"yes,sweetheart?" I bit my lip before asking,"why do you love me?" Liam looked at me confused before before smiling,"well, I love you for the obvious reason;your personality and beauty but it's the little things that are making me fall in like. Like the way you always bite your nails when you're getting tired. How when you smile that dimple on your left cheek appears. Or how when you're deep in thought you place your left hand over you cheek and mouth. I love the way your cute American accent sounds when you say my name." I just sat there, taking it all in. "Awwwwwwww," I heard El's voice say. Me and Liam whip our heads to see the boys and El standing there. "The lovebirds are back in action,"Harry commented before plopping down next to us. "Movie night.Meet back here in 10," El commanded at us before rushing upstairs. Liam lead me upstairs so we could change. I just threw on my black spandex and one of Liam's sweatshirts. 

As we headed down stairs Liam ran to claim the couch before Louis could get to it. He just barely beat Louis by laying on it,"haha! Victory!"I laughed at his cuteness and looked over at El who was shaking her head. "Babe,you know there's another part to the couch right?"El asked Louis. "Yeah,"he replied,"but I wanted THAT side." She giggled and dragged her unsatisfied boyfriend to the other side of the couch. Liam was laying on his back as I made my way over to him.I practically rolled over him as I placed my self half on the couch half on him with my one leg draped over him and my arms tucked close to me. His arm as around me and his hand was on my hip/butt. My head was position perfecting in the crook of his neck. As the rest of the boys filled in with duvets and pillows El put in the first movie, Pride and Prejudice. All the boys groaned but me and El told them shhhh because we loved that movie, there was no protest. 

After the movie it was the boys pick,they decided to watch Toy Story since it was Liam's favorite. He was making patterns on the skin under the sweatshirt. "Have I told you how irresistible you look right now?" Liam whisper to me. I smiled and came up with a plan to get him back for distracting me from unpacking the other day. I started slowly kissing his neck while wrapping my leg a little tighter around him. I felt Liam's breathing hitch and his hand tighten around my side. I giggle softly and whispered in his ear,"come find me," before getting up and wondering off somewhere. I heard Liam get up a little after me. "Li! Where are you going? This your favorite part?" Niall asked. "I'll be back,"Liam said bluntly searching for me. I decided to hide out in the music room, I hopped on top of the piano and waited. 

Liam's POV

This girl was something else. It took a lot to get me to leave in the middle of Toy Story. I looked around for Tess until I found her in the music room, sitting on the piano. Her legs in those shorts looked like they went on forever. I walked towards her and she looked up at me and smiled. "I thought you'd never find me,"she whispered. "No one interrupts Toy Story,love,"I growled at her. I stood in front of her and pushed her legs apart so I could stand between them. She just smirked and said,"well I just did,what exactly are you going to do about that Payne?" she asked in a soft voice while wrapping her arms around my neck and legs around my waist. I could tell she was just getting me back from when I distracted her, but I didn't care, she was turning me on and I needed her this instant. I quickly smashed my lips into hers. She smiled into the kiss,"I win," she stated. I laughed before peeling my sweatshirt off of her. 

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