Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


66. Everything Was Perfect

Tess's POV

"I can't believe she's already 4 months,"I sighed while placing Avia in her high chair.

"I know,"El laughed while sipping her tea,"they grow up so fast."

Everyone was hanging out. It was around 9 which was a little late for Avia to be up but she did take a super long nap. Since the Jenna thing nothing has really happened. The rumors have been put to rest by pretty much all the boys and their girls. I can't help the really eery feeling though of someone always watching me. Like when I take Avia out for walks I always feel like that, even know. I just shake it off and blame it on paranoia.

"Babe?"I heard Liam's voice ask while coming down the stairs.

"Kitchen,"I called while placing a bottle of apple juice in front of Avia. She smiled and grabbed it and quickly drank. 

I saw Liam happily walk in with something behind his back. I eyed him curiously as I saw everyone else come in "casually behind him". I looked over at Monique who was looking rather excited while Zayn hugged her from behind. 

"Do you know what the date is today,love?"Liam asked while standing in front of me.

I just gave him a confused look,"um..no." I admitted.

"Well it's the 20th and do you know what June 20th is?"he asked again. 

"Liam,where are you going with this?"I asked while reaching for a fussy Avia and pulling her out of her seat on onto my hip. 

"June 5th 2013 was day me and the boys were walking through the mall and you bumped into me,"he said while poking my nose. 

I smiled at the memory and Avia poked my nose too,causing everyone to laugh. 

"I never believed at love at first sight until that day. When your eyes met mine I knew I had to be yours. You continue to make me the happiest person in the world. You are the most stubborn,sassy,intelligent,funny,beautiful girl I've had the honor of knowing and loving and by some miracle you love me back,"Liam spoke to me from his heart. My heart was racing as I saw Liam take his hand from behind his back and kneel,"so,Tess,for the 3rd time, will you please,please, marry me?" Liam asked. 

"Yes!"I yelled. Liam smiled and slid the beautiful ring on my finger. He stood up and wrapped me and Avia in a hug. 

"Group hug!!"Louis screamed while everyone came and enveloped us. And then all the light in the house went off, Alex screamed and everything went blank. 

I slowly opened my eyes, feeling drowsy and weird. I had no idea where I was but I knew I wasn't home. I saw Liam to my right and Monique and Zayn next to him. I slowly turned my head and saw Louis,El,Alex,and Harry. I slowly sat up and saw Niall and Carolina in front of me. Everyone was just laying there, breathing,but so still. We were in this huge empty warehouse looking place. There was only one other room in the whole place. Avia. I quickly thought. Where is she. I frantically shook Liam trying to wake him up. Tears with spilling down my cheeks. He groaned and looked at me and quickly sat up.

"Baby,where are we?"he asked dazed and confused.

"I-I don't know,where is she?"I asked him frantically. Liam's eyes went wide as he turned his head in every direction looking for her. By this time everyone was conscious and sitting up. I heard the door from the room swing open and a pair of heels click towards us. I saw long,brown hair and a smug smile and my fucking daughter on her hip. Jenna. I was going to kill her. 

"Ah I see you're all awake," Jenna says. 2 huge men walk next to her and a little behind her. Avia is screaming crying, reaching her arms out desperately to me and Liam. I stand up and everyone else does too. 

"Give her to me,"I say harshly with tears still running down my cheeks 

Jenna laughs,"oh not yet,mommy,I have something I need to talk to you about first." 

"Like hell you do,"Liam growled while rushing towards Jenna go get Avia. The two guards quickly snatched Liam up and dragged him to that room. 

The door slammed and all I heard was Liam scream in pain. I flinched at the sound and that only made Avia scream even more. 

"Okay,now come with me Tess,or"Jenna says while looking at everyone,"she gets it next,"she said while nodding her head to Monique. I made eye contact with her and she shook her head but I just followed Jenna. 

The terrifying screams coming from that room were becoming louder and more painful. I so badly wanted to rush in there and save Liam but I couldn't, I knew it wouldn't help anyone. Jenna lead me through the door. I saw Liam sitting with his back against the wall, panting. Under his eyes were bloody along with his nose. His arms had bruises all over them. He was clutching his stomach in utter pain. I wanted to badly to run over and kiss him all over, make the pain go away.

"Okay just listen up,"Jenna started.

"Just let me hold her,please,"I begged her,looking a still crying baby. Jenna just rolled her eyes and handed Avia to me. She instantly stopped crying and buried her face into my neck. I hugged her tight to me. 

"Anyway. Let me just cut to the chase. My father is a very powerful and dangerous man and since I am his only daughter, he'll do anything to see I get what I want. And I want you to leave. I already have all of your shit together in the back of a car that is ready to take you the an airport and fly you anywhere your hearts desire. There is also an unlimited amount of money on this card so you can do whatever. You just need to leave. I want you to cut off all contact for all of them and if you try to contact them,trust me I'll know. I want Liam to myself, I want to be besties with 1D and you're just getting in the way,"Jenna explained.

"What if I say no?"I questioned.

"I thought you'd ask that. Well I will make sure everyone out there and your lovely fiance won't make it out of here with out at least..hmmm...4 broken bones and maybe they just won't make it out of here at all,while you just watch. Oh,and another thing. Your precious baby has to stay too,"Jenna explained with an evil look in her eyes. 

I looked over at Liam who was staring at me with disbelief. She was threatening the people I love most in this world. I had to do it, I had to leave. There was no other way to keep them safe.

"You don't have to,"Liam weakly said. I just shook my head. 

"Fine,"I bluntly said while looking down. 

Jenna smiled. "But I want to see them all get back home safely,"I warned. She just nodded.

"You have 1 minute to say bye,"Jenna said while walking out the door.

I broke down into sobs while clutching Avia to my chest. I walked over to Liam and kneeled in front of him.

"I'm so sorry,"I whispered while caressing his cheek. 

"Please,don't go,baby,please,"Liam begged while tears began to form in his eyes.

I just shook my head,"I have to." 

Liam grabbed my shoulder and pulled me into a hug that I wanted to last forever. I sat there in his arms as I hugged Avia close to me, trying to remember everything about them before I never saw them again. I slowly pulled away and crashed my lips into Liam's. It tasted like salty tears but it felt like goodbye,forever. I placed my forehead against his and pulled Avia away from my chest and looked at her. 4 months. That was all I got with my perfect daughter. I kissed her forehead.

"I love you,Avia,Mommy loves you so so much,"I whispered as Liam caressed my cheek softly. 

I heard the door open again and I could literally feel my heart break.

"Okay,time to go,"Jenna scolded. 

I handed Avia off to Liam for good this time. 

"I will always love you,"I whispered to Liam while staring him in those big,brown eyes. 

"I will always love you,more,"Liam said back while taking my hand as I stood up and walked the door. Before I walked away I turned my head and took one last look at my everything, blew them a kiss,and walked out the door. 

I just let the tears roll down my cheeks the whole ride. I noticed we pulled to the gate of the my old home, to see that they were all safe. I watched desperately from the window as I saw the people who were the best things that ever happened to me slowly make their way to the front door. I wanted more than anything to say my last goodbyes,but I couldn't. As the drive pulled away I took out my phone and saw I had a text. 


I know this isn't suppose to happened but I thought you'd like this. im sorry. we love you. 

I opened the picture and it was from a few hours ago. Liam was on his knee presenting me with the ring and I had Avia on my hip and we were both looking down at him. And in that picture, everything was perfect. 

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