Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


10. Drunk

Tess's POV

I'm still on Liam's back when we make our way out of the elevator. All of the rest of boys and Monique make their way to their individual rooms. I jump off Liam's back and give Monique a quick kiss on the cheek and tell her to be safe and give a wink. She just laughs at my still noticeable drunkenness. Yeah, I'm stilllll a little drunk, whatever. Liam unlocks the door and I run in and jump on the bed. He walks into the room at shakes his head and laughs at me. Liam's standing at the edge of the bed now, smiling at me. I crawl over to him, get on my knees, and wrap my arms around his neck. Liam gives me a confused look as I lean in closer to him. I smash my lips into his and pull him close. I run my hands down his arms to the edge of his shirt in attempts to take it off. I don't know, it's probably the alcohol, but I want him so bad. Before I can take his shirt off he grabs my wrist and breaks our kiss. 

"What?" I say/slur at him. "I think we should get to bed," he says to me while taking a step back. My heart drops. He doesn't want me. I get off the bed and run into the bathroom. I slam the door behind me, sink down, and put my head in my hands. Then, for some reason, I begin the cry. I look up and the room is spinning. Wow, I was more drunk that I thought. Then, all the sudden, I think of Cody, I have no idea why. I start to hyperventilate and tears start rushing down my cheeks. I don't notice that Liam's been banging on the door begging to let him in. I finally stumble to my feet and unlock the door. Liam practically flies in, "love, please calm down." His eyes are frantic looking at me as I take sharp breaths and sob. He takes me into his arms and rubs my back and I instantly start to calm down. 

I pull back from Liam's grasp, "I'm sorry, I just got really overwhelmed. Damn alcohol." He nods his head, kisses my forehead, and goes to get my over night bag. When he hands it to me he shuts the door and I start to get ready for bed. I take all the make up off my face and take out my contacts and place them in their case. I next change into blue soffee shorts, I notice Liam's put on of his shirts in for me to sleep in. I smile at his thoughtfulness.  After I get changed I put on my glasses and slip out of the bathroom. Liam's laying over the cover on the bed only wearing pajama bottoms. I lean against the the bathroom door frame, admiring him. He's honestly the best man I've ever met and he continues to amaze me. He can feel me staring so he looks up from his phone and looks at me. Liam then pats the spot next to him, signaling me to come to him. I set down my bag and make my way to the spot next to Liam.

"You wear glasses?" Liam points out. I adjust them and respond, "yup, I have horrible eye-sight." Liam chuckles at me, "I think you look adorable." I look down and bite my lip fighting back a huge smile. I let out a huge yawn and make my under the cover with Liam. He pulls me into him and I set my head on his chest and start to trace patterns on his abs. 

After about an hour I can't fall asleep, Liam already has. I let out a sigh and move a little bit, readjusting myself. "Can't sleep,love?" Liam asks in a sleepy voice. I look up at him, sigh, and say,"nope." Liam starts playing with my hair and begins to sing Little Things. My eyes get heavier and I'm asleep in minutes. 

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