Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


57. BAMF

Tess's POV

It's been about 5 days since I've been back and I feel better than ever. 

All the boys and their significant others were lazily laying in the lounge area. Niall was strumming on his guitar teaching Carolina a little on how to play. Louis and El were responsible for getting snacks but they got distracted because they've been in the kitchen for 20 minutes. Zayn was softly telling Monique a story as she was on his lap in the arm chair causing her to smile and blush. Alex was giggling and playing with Harry's curls as they sat on the couch. I was laying with my head in Liam's lap and he was lovingly rubbing my tummy. I sighed and smiled at the sight, everything was back to normal.

"Do you guys want to go out the club or something tonight?" Monique asks looking at everyone. 

Everyone agreed and headed upstairs to get ready since it was already 8. 

"Are you sure you're okay to go out?" Liam asked while coming up behind me and placing his hands on my bare waist. I was only in my bra and panties, trying to decide what to wear. 

I nodded,"yeah I'll be fine,baby," I smiled at him in the mirror. He smiled back and guided his hands to my belly. 

"You're already kinda starting to show,love,"Liam beamed while caressing the little baby bump. You couldn't tell when I was wearing clothes but without you could. I smiled down at the bump and placed my hands over Liam's. 

"So beautiful,"Liam whispered as he gently spun me around to face him. He got down on both knees and running his hands over my stomach and leaving a light kiss on it. He smiled up at me as he rose and kissed my forehead. 

"Know hurry it up and get dress,love,"Liam demanded while tapping my ass. I just giggled and headed to my closet. 

I decided to keep in simple with dark skinny jeans, a black flowly tank top, and sparkly purple flats. I ran the straightener over my head through my hair and styled it by clipping half of back with bobby pins and I left my bangs flow freely. I applied my regular make up and was all finished. I waltzed out of the room just at the same time as the rest of the ladies. 

Monique wore the same orange dress from the first concert we saw the boys in with her hair curled beautifully. Eleanor sported black shorts with a silver, quarter length shirt, that was silver sparkles all over it. Alex's hair was just left straight, flowing down her back she wore a mint hi-low dress that had thin straps and white,lace flats. They all looked so flawless.

The club was pretty packed but of course One Direction got right in with a VIP room included. Liam ordered all the drink and me a glass of water of course. After a few drinks everyone decided to head to the dance floor. Liam gripped my hand as we all gathered on the dance floor. Liam's chest was pressed against my back and his hands gripped my waist. We ground to the music for around 30 minutes when I got really thirsty.

"I'm gonna go get some water,babe?"I said into Liam's ear. He just nodded. 

I weaved through sweaty bodies making my over to the bar area. 

"Can I have a glass of water,please,"I sweetly asked the bartender. He nodded and grabbed a glass. 

I looked back at the dance floor at all my friends drunk and sloppiness. Zayn and Monique were face to face and centimeters away from actually have sex. Louis and El were walking out on the nearby couch, not caring who was watching or snapping photos. Harry was whispering something into Alex's ear  while swaying to the beat. Niall and Caroline were a little to my right and Niall was ordering her a drink with his arm protectively around her waist. 

"Heeeeello,"I heard a very creepy voice say to me. I turned and saw a buff, douchey guy looking me up and down. 

"Can I help you with something?"I rolled my eyes and just looked straight ahead and setting down my water.

"You can make my night and come home with me,"the tool said while roughly grabbing my waist. I gasped at his aggressiveness and tried to break out of his grasp with no success. 

"Stop, let go of me,"I spat at him.

"Don't fight it, baby,"he whispered, pulling me closer so I could smell the alcohol on his breath.  

Within a split second all the boys were in front of me and the girls pulled me back and were around me. 

"Back off,mate,"Zayn huffed in the guys face. 

"What the hell are you pretty boys going to do about it. We all know that hot piece of ass would rather go home with me than any of you,"tough guy smirked and crossed his arms, showing off his scarily huge biceps.  

"Don't you fucking talk about her like that,"Liam yelled and stepped closer to him. 

"Awww what are you gonna do? Hit me, go ahead,"the asshole mocked as he turned his head pointing to his cheek. 

I saw Liam's hands curl into fists and his body tense. I pushed past the boys and put my hand around Liam's arm. He almost immediately relaxed under my touch. 

"Come on,baby,he's not worth is,"I said calmly in his ear. Liam turned his head and looked at me. His usually soft eyes were dark and filled with anger. He just nodded and gripped my hand tightly and turned to walk away. Then, the assface himself slapped my ass. Liam and I both quickly turned around. Liam was going to punch him square in the nose but I beat him to it and added a kick to his crotch. 

Liam laughed a little and grabbed my hand again and lead me out the door. The boys were all telling what a BAMF I was in there when we were stopped my two familiar faces. Jenna and Peyton. 

"Hey Liam,"Jenna said sweetly while pulling something out from behind my back,"you silly boy,you left this at my house." It turned out to be a shirt, one of Liam's, the same shirt he was wearing the day we got into that huge fight. 

Everyone froze and all eyes were on Liam. 

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