Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


54. Baby

I haven't even left the room since 3 full days ago. Everyone's been trying to persuade me out to get to me drink or eat anything. I haven't responded, I just lay in bed and watch pointless things on TV and take long,very hot showers. I've been replaying those few minutes over and over again in my head. The look on Liam's face was just filled with hurt and betrayal. And it was all because of me. Everyone was over at the house, probably trying to organize a strategy on how to break down the door. I then heard a familiar voice ask where I was. I next heard footstep running up the stairs.

"TESS OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT THIS SECOND!" I heard Monique yell pounding on the door. I smiled a little,the first time in days and did as my best friend demanded. 

She sat next to me on the bed,"okay sweet cheeks listen up. I know you feel like your world just came crashing down but it's time to stop moping around and get your shit back together. You aren't going to solve anything just laying around. Go talk to him,today." 

I just nodded and she smiled and stood up,signaling for me to do the same. As I did I felt really light headed but ignored, probably stood up too fast. As we made out way downstairs everyone was in the kitchen and gathered around the island. All of their eyes are on me with warm smiles.

"Aw there she is! We've missed your face,love"Louis beams while he gets up offering me his seat. 

I smile a little and head of. I start to feel even more light headed. The last thing I remember is El yelling my name and total darkness. 

Liam's POV

I've been staying at my mate's house in London for the past few days just trying to clear my head. When I read  Tess's journal I felt so betrayed and hurt and angry. The boys have been calling me non stop asking when I was coming back and I honestly had no idea.Just then I heard my phone ringing, it was Niall. I roll me eyes and answer. 

"Niall,I've already told you and everyone else I don't know when I'll come back I jus-"I begin to say but he cuts me off. 

"No Liam, it's not about that, it's about Tess,"he says in a shaky voice.

"Okay...what about her?"I ask slowly.

"Well she finally came out of the room today and she just collapsed suddenly,"Niall explained hastily,"we're at the hospital right now,if you want to meet us there."

"Yeah I'll be there,"I quickly respond and grab my keys and run out of the door.

I million things are running through my head as a drive fast to the hospital. Like how it even happened. My heart is racing as I park my car and jump out of the car. I walk with long strides to the waiting from and walk over to everyone. They are all either looking at the ground of into space. I slowly walk over to them and sit down next to El. She whips her head around and gives me a small smile.

"Hi Li,"she says.

"So what exactly happened,"I ask her.

She sighs and runs her fingers through her long hair,"she locked herself in her room for the past 3 days. She hasn't eaten or drank anything in that time. Zayn finally called Monique and flew her out to help and she did. When she came into the kitchen today she looked awful, very weak and then she just fainted." I sighed and nodded. 3 full days will no form of food or water even. 

"Hey mate, can I talk to you,"I looked up and met Harry's eyes. I nodded and followed him around the corner. 

"Look I just really wanted to tell you everything that happened that night. Tess just asked me to take her out so I did. It was the very same night that she discovered she had had a miscarriage. We both got really wasted and things got way out of hand when we made out and what I said to her. She is the one who stopped it and started talking about how much of a failure she was, I didn't understand it then but I do now. Yeah, I did have feelings for in the past but then Alex cam along and I really like her and my feelings for Tess are completely gone. Can you please forgive me," Harry asked while sticking his hands in his pockets.

Hearing all of that really cleared things up. "Yeah,mate I forgive you,"I smiled at him and gave him a pat on the back as we went back to wait. 

It all started to make more sense. Tess was in a horrible place that night, that was the night she planned on just leaving London and going back home. The doctor came in not too shortly afterwards.

"I'm guess you're all here for Tess?"he asked and we all just nodded,"well the reason she fainted was because she was very dehydrated and was in desperate need of food. We have her hooked up to an IV now that's supplying her with the right fluids she needs. She's allright and can go home tomorrow but she really needs to take it easy for about two weeks because she'll feel very weak. Now which one of you his her significant other?" he asked .

"Um that would be me,"I spoke up.

"Ah well. There's more good news. The baby is perfectly allright,"he continued and walked away. 

"Wait,"I yelled to the doctor who turned on his heels to face me,"baby?"

"Well yes, she 4 weeks along already,"he smiled at me and walked away. 

Tess's POV

The nurse just left after explaining what happened to me. I just sighed and leaned back against my pillow. This day just couldn't get any worst. I feel horrible and just so weak and really stupid for not eating or drinking anything for days. I can't believe I was pregnant again. I slowly started drifting into a deep sleep. 

"Just wake her up,we'll leave,"I faintly heard a voice say, Louis? I hear the door open and the sound of people walking out and the door close again. Next, I hear a chair being scooted closer to me. A hand touches mine lightly. Liam. 

"Tess,"Liam whispered to me. God I've missed his voice,"please wake up." 

My eyes fluttered open and I turned my head and looked Liam in the eyes.  

"Liam,"I said softly,"can you please let me explain."

He just shook his head and my heart and head dropped,"Harry already did and I understand,"Liam continued and took a hold of my hand. 

"Really?"I asked him trying my best to squeeze his hand back and I sat up.

Liam nodded and gave me that smile I've missed. "I missed you so much," I whispered to him.

"I've missed you too,sweetheart,"Liam responded,"how are you feeling?"

"Like I have no energy,"I admitted to him. 

"Please don't do that again, it's not go for you or the baby,"Liam smiled and gently rubbed my stomach. 

"But what if,"I begin to say and a tear rolled down my cheek,"it happens again?" I asked him quietly. 

Liam got up and sat on the bed next to my hip. He took my hand in his and placed them on his lap.

"Look at me,"Liam whispers and I slowly lift my head and meet my eyes with his,"don't think like that." 

I just sighed,"I know,it's just hard." 

Liam leaned over and kissed my forehead,my nose, and then finally my lips. I moved one hand to the back of his neck and kissed him with urgency. I've missed his kisses. Liam pulled away and rested his forehead on mine. 

"I've missed those perfect lips,"Liam whispered to me. I pulled him back in for another perfect kiss. 

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