Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


11. Awwww

Liam's POV

As I play with Tess's hair and sing her to sleep I can't help but stare at her. I'm not even halfway through the song when I hear her breath slow and her eyes completely close. Earlier tonight I know she wanted me but I couldn't take advantage of her when she was drunk. Not saying I didn't want to but I want to take things slow with Tess. She was really something special. She was beautiful, caring, carefree, and was definitely on to hide your emotions. Well, expect when alcohol is in her system. I feel her move a little and I look down at her, I think she's having a dream. Then, her face becomes distressed and I hear her whisper, "Cody...no..stop." She says it quietly but I can definitely hear it. I take a sharp breath in as her voice says that name. I've never met this guy but I hate him. Tess starts to shift uncomfortably and I contemplate whether I should wake her before she has another nightmare. But as soon as I begin to say her name I feel her relax in my arms. She starts to nuzzle into my chest and lets out a sigh and says,"Liam." I can't help but smile then pull her closer and fall asleep.

Tess's POV

I'm woken up in the morning by 2 bodies slamming on top of Liam and I. "WAKEY-WAKEY SLEEPY HEAD!" the voices yell. I keep my eyes closed in hopes they'll just disappear. "HARRY! LOUIS! GET THE FUCK OUT!" Liam yells as he buries his face in my neck. The two boys continue to jump on the bed. I gave up and jumped out of bed,"OKAY! We're up." I head to the bathroom, grab my stuff, and start to get ready. I take a quick shower first before starting on my hair. I run my flat iron through it before combing it into high pony tail, I slip on a think black headband to flatten the fly-aways. I then apply my usual make up. I decided to wear jean shorts, a orange flowy tank top, and black and white vans. I walk out of the bathroom and Liam's sprawled on the bed waiting for me. He probably went to take a shower in another boys room since I took forever. When he saw me step out of the bathroom and gets up and walks over to me. Liam smiles as he intertwines his fingers with mine and says,"you look great." I smile back before wrapping my arms around his necks and pulling him in for a kiss. Liam begins to wrap his hands around my waist when we're interrupted. "Break it up love birds! The car's here!" Louis yells as he bust through the door. Everyone's waiting in the hall as we make our way to the lobby.

I let go of Liam's hand as we're walking and go and grab Monique. I stop so the boys are a few paces ahead. "So! How was your night?" I ask as I give her a wink. She laughs at me and says,"pretty much perfect. We talked even more. And I fell asleep in his arms. Ugh! Tess he is perfect!" I smile at how enthusiastic she is. Monique is such a amazing person but she has been with her fair share of complete assholes. "I'm so happy for you,boo!" I say as we run to catch up to the boys. As we all pile into the van Liam and I sit in the back, then Monique, Zayn, and Niall sit in the middle row, and Harry and Louis sit in the first row. "How longs the ride?" Harry asks the drive. "Magic Mountain is around 4 hours away," the drive responds.  

During the four hours we all joke and talk. We all start to get sleepy around 2 hours into the drive. My eyes start to get tired as I stare out the window. I start thinking about everything that's happened over the past few days; meeting Liam, and letting my self fall for him. Every time time I'm with him I don't think about Cody at all, which never happens. I see Liam lean towards me out of the corner of my eye and kiss me on the shoulder. I smile and turn to look at him. He places a hand on my cheek and kisses me. "Awwwwwwwww" we hear the whole van says in unison. We break our kiss and roll our eyes at them. I continue to stare out the window and Liam drapes his arm over my shoulder. I automatically lean against him and rest my head on him while resting my arm on his leg. I quickly fall asleep. I'm woken up by my phone beeping. I look around and everyone else is asleep. I unlock my phone, I see I have a facebook notification. Louis seems to have taken a picture of me and Liam sleeping and tagged by both of you. I look at my followers and I went from 62 to 500. Wow. It didn't surprise me too much because of how famous the boys were. I put my phone back in my lap and doze back off to sleep. 

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