Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


27. A/N!!!!!! please read

Hey you!

So! I've kinda been having writers block so I thought it would be fun to incorporate some on y'all into the story. I need girls for Harry and Niall and maybe even two for Zayn and Liam to add some drama. WHO KNOWS? Anyways, just comment below about yourself like your looks,personality,hobbies, just enough so that I might be able to write you in! Submissions will end Saturday June 29th.


Tess x 

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