Everything Was Perfect

Hello there. My name is Tess, you're average, every day 19 year old college student home for the summer. One average,every day day myself and my best friend, Monique were casually shopping on a random Monday when we spot our favorite boy band, One Direction. And the next sequence of events include romance, friendship, betrayal, and everything in between.


20. 100%

Liam's POV

I woke up and the first thing I saw as Tess laying on my chest. Last night couldn't have been more perfect, it was beyond sex. I mindlessly traced the tattoo that was on her back on her shoulder, it was about 6 inches in length and said Family in an infinity sign, it was still scarred,even after a year, so it was still raised. Family meant everything for her but she lost her mom,dad,and brother in a tragic car accident when they were on their way home from one of her brothers games. She shared this information with me the first night we were together and it just broke my heart. The clock at the bed side table read 6:34 am, I pulled Tess closer to me and fell back asleep. 

Tess's POV

I slowly opened my eyes to the sun pouring in through the window. Last night was amazing. It could not have gone any better. I couldn't believe I'm going to be spending the summer in London with Liam. I really hope Zayn asked Monique too, I can't see myself living a whole summer without her. I decided to roll out of bed with a sheet around me and call her. I walked to the bathroom and sat the the edge of the bathtub as I dialed her number. "Hello?" she answered sleepily. "Hey! So, did Zayn ask you to join him in London this summer too?" I asked her enthusiastically. There was a short paused before her saying,"yeah about that, he did and you know I'd love to spend the summer with you and Zayn and the rest of the boys but I have a job and summer classes,Tessie. Look,I gotta go, Zayn's taking me to breakfast but I'll talk to you later. Bye." I took a breath trying to comprehend it. A whole summer without my best friend...how was I going to do it? I know I had Liam but Monique's my best friend, I can't live without her, especially from completely different time zones. 

I slowly made my back to bed and slowly slid in next to Liam. I laid my head back on his chest and took a deep breath and sighed. I started thinking more about being without Monique all summer and starting tearing up. As the tears rolled down my cheeks I let out a little sniff. Liam then shifted under me, waking up. I really didn't want him to see me cry so I tried to be strong and hold it in but I couldn't help but let out another sniffle. "Babe?" Liam asked while lifting my chin up so I was looking at him with my wet eyes. "What is it?What's wrong?" he asked very worried as he sat up with his back against the bed frame with me still in his arms. "I called Monique earlier to ask her if Zayn asked her to come to London for the summer and he did,of course,but she said she can't," I explained to him,"I understand because I know how busy she is but I'm not sure how I'll survive without my best friend." Liam's brown eyes looked at me with compassion and said,"sweetheart,if you don't want to go I understand." I shook my head,"no,baby,I do. I want to spend more time with you." I gave him a small smile and a kiss. "Okay, if you're sure that's what you want," Liam told me with a serious expression. "I'm 100% sure." Liam smiled and gave me a kiss. "Well! I'm going to take a shower," I said while taking myself and the blanket to the bathroom. Before I reached the door I felt Liam's arm around my waist and his lips near my ear,"may I join you?" he whispered. I nodded yes. 

After our shower me and Liam got ready together in the bathroom. The next thing on our list of things to do is go to my place and pack my everything I needed. When we got there Liam just sat on my bed and watched. I had to pack pretty much every article of clothing I owned, you just never know when you're going to need it. After my clothes I started to back sentimental things like pictures and jewelry. I picked up a picture frame with a picture of me and my brother when I was 18 and he was 15 and we were talking pictures for our annual christmas card. Ian was covering my eyes and smiling big and I was cracking up. We always had this on going joke that he was jealous because,like a lot mixed race kids, I got light brown eyes but his were as dark as my dads, so during the picture he decided to cover them. I smiled at the memory. I didn't realize how long I was just standing looking at this picture until I noticed Liam put his arms around my waist. "Is that your brother?" he asked me pointing at the picture. "Mhmmm," I answered while gently putting the picture on top of my clothes. I turned around in Liam's arms and sighed,"well,that's all of it." He smiled at me before kissing my nose and grabbing my suitcase and dragging it out the door. I grabbed my purse and my laptop and followed him. 

As we got back to Liam's room we decided to just relax and watch TV until we had to get ready for the concert. I could feel my self getting a cold so I got really sleepy while snuggling with Liam on the bed watching TV. Liam started absentmindedly playing with my hair that made me drift off the sleep. When I was sleeping I had the worst nightmare, one I've only had once and it was by far, the worst.

I was looking at this car driving down the freeway. Then, I saw this big rig that was next to the car loose control and fall, smashing the car. I next saw my little brother,mom,and dad all in the car. It was a bloody and gruesome sight and made my stomach churn. The last thing I saw was 3 tomb stones with 'Annett Williams','John Williams,'and'Ian Williams, my family. This nightmare last up to a whole hour and terrifies me to no end.

I was suddenly woken up by Monique screaming my name. My eyes shot opened and I saw Monique standing at the side of the bed looking frantic. Liam was still on his side of the bed with tears in his eyes. "What happened?" I asked very confused. Liam scooted closer to me and placed his hand on my knee, "love, a few minutes after you fell asleep I could tell you were having a bad dream again. But this time it got worst. You started crying, sobbing, and screaming. I tired to wake you up for 10 minutes but nothing was working and I got so scared so I called Monique and she knew what to do." Monique was the only other person who as seen me have a night terror and knows how to handle it. "Thanks boo, for coming to my rescue," I said to Monique. She shook her head,"no problem, I'll be back in 30 minutes so we can start getting ready for the concert." I nodded at her as she walked out of the room. I turned to Liam and softly asked,"why are you crying?" Liam sighed and put his hand on my face,"because the way you were crying and screaming it looked like you were in pain and all I wanted to do was the help you and make you feel better but I couldn't." Liam looked down, almost ashamed. I lifted his head back up and said,"baby, it's not your fault. Rarely anyone can be woken up from night terrors, you just have to know how." Liam gave me a small smile and nodded. I kissed his cheek and snuggled up next to him. "I just want to keep you safe," he whispered while stroking my shoulder. "I know," I stated,"you do". 


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