All started with a show

Lizzie and her three best friends Amy, Maggie and Peyton are huge Directioners and when they go to see them on allan carr's chatty man and Lizzie meets Harry Styles, Peyton meets Liam Payne, Amy meets Niall Horan and Maggie mets Louis Tomlinson but will it stay like this


2. Traveling to the show

Lizzie's P O V

I walked home and left Peyton and Maggie and Amy before because she lives the closest to the school then me then Peyton then Maggie, we are the four muskerters!

I ran inside of my house and my dog Lia ,who is to fat to wlak and falls over all the time, came over and craped on my brand new shoes that were by the door i screamed and kicked her and then my brother came and laughed at me and told Lia well done so i ran upstairs and pushed him as i did but just fell onto the floor. "Get off the floor Lili." Argh i hated that name so i kicked his leg and got up and went to my bedroom to see what to wear. I faced timed Amy and she showed me what she was going to wear, a polo red t-shirt,red converse and a baige dress with the top tucked into it. Her blonde her was curled and she had a little bit of libgloss on and mascarra. I ended the facetime and searched in my closet for something to wear. I pulled out my white top with the bow on and my blue skirt and then my red converse and my blue blazer with white and red onto it, then i put on some make-up i put my mascarra on and my light pink lipstick and painted my nails blue and red. i got my red bag and put some money in and my phone and went to walk to Amys house beacuse we was all getting a taxi from her house.

*20 minutes later*

I walked into her house and saw Peyton she was wearing a red and blue t-shirt and brown jeans with lace up brown heals wich i wanted and then saw Maggie next to her and she was wearing a striped t-shirt and her red jeans with suspenders and her brown toms.

"Hello isabell how are you?" Amys mum asked, "Fine thank you." I smield then walked over to the girlys who were whatcing tv while we were whating for the taxi, i sat down next to them and whatched it with them suprise suprise it was eastenders. Peyton got a call from the taxi and they were outside of Amys house so we got all of our stuff and ran to the cab, Amy gave her mum a kiss on the check then came to the taxi. The taxi driver was no to small fat like five susan boles, he had no hair so he just looked even fatter and he had four double chins and he looked like was going to say somthing like "Hello little girls get in my van we will have lots of fun!" But thankfully he didn't and was really nice to us.

 on the way the way there we was on twitter looking to see if any of the boys have tweeted about the show tonight that we four essexs chick were gonna see!

Then Maggie screamed as loud as he could could making the taxi driver stop and look round asking what happened. "Liam bloody Payne just tweeted!" She screamed the fell back into her seat and started saying something like 'meh 'meh' and going crazy, she was having feels, (h no what will she be like tonight, just act like you don't know her, yes that will work!)

"What did he tweet then" Peyton asked Maggie still was acting like a spaz and didn't answer us so we looked for our self.

" Yay so exited going on @alancarrschattyman tonight!!!" I saw it and i felt butterflys in my tummy, i was nervous, my idols were going to be in the same room as me! I have seen them in concert but we was all the way at the top and couldn't see anything


Amy was just complaining and Maggie was shouting stuff about Larry and Peyton was just laughing and eating with loads of food in her mouth and when thry made a joke she would just ask what everybody is laughing at and we all laughed and Amy being the funniest person i know made her ask a random stranger what a boner was because she forgot and the girl just looked at her and then stuck her middle finger up at Peyton so she just asked her friend and by this time me Amy Maggie were peeing our self LETERALLY Maggie wet herself from laughing so we had to take her to the toilet,

"Is she having a boner?" Peyton asked making her pee even more!

Then when we got to the toilet it was empty but we figured it wouldn't be for long because there was going to be a breack soon so we all went in the same toliet i have no idea why we was drunk even though we were only 15 then or was we 16?
Then when we was just about to leave so i could wee everyone came in. We had to wait but i could hold it in so i had to wee while they were in there and Maggie's crotch was still wet and so was her top, then it went silent so we got out but there was still a mum with her child who was about 7 and she said to her mum "Are they lesbians?" I burst out laughing and nearly peed myself too. When i looked up i saw the mum pull her child away and pull her out of the door.


The driver woke me up from my daydream by telling us that we have arrived, i hoped out of the car and we paid the man £20 and then he drove off. We were here, my butterflys came back so i grabbed Amy's arm and she knew that i was nervouse so she said something funny to mke me feel better and it did so i started to walk in with them till i got pushed to the floor by someone, it was...

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