All started with a show

Lizzie and her three best friends Amy, Maggie and Peyton are huge Directioners and when they go to see them on allan carr's chatty man and Lizzie meets Harry Styles, Peyton meets Liam Payne, Amy meets Niall Horan and Maggie mets Louis Tomlinson but will it stay like this


7. sneaky

Lizzies P O V

I stopped in the middl of the road waiting for the care to come but i got pulled back by someone and they pulled me to the ground they was on top of me now i couldn't see who it was but they leant in to kiss me our mouths met and sparks flew. He lifted me uo and put me on his lap i put my hand through his hair and he moaned in my ear, i opened my eyes and saw Harry his eyes were red and he looked me straight in the eye and started crying i hugged him and all the blood from my head fell onto his face. "Liz i am so sorry i didn't mean to hurt you." I gave hima weak smile and we started at each other akwardly for awhile before the driver broke the silance. "Oi get out of the way!" We got up and Harry gave him the stare of death i pulled him away and gave the driver a sarcastic smile and he drove off yelling "freaking idiots s go and kill yourself" whiich made me cry only because he said about dieing Harry put his arm around my waste. "Where were we." I smiled and kissed him, i couldn't stay mad at him he saved my life, twice! If i didn't meet him i proberly would have stayed infront of that car. He broke the kiss, "We should proberly go and get our cases." I smiled and went onto my tip toes and gave him a kiss on the check and we walked hand in hand back to the hotel hiding our faces from the lady and we ran into the closter. "Wait here." I said and walked out of the door, "Lizzie"

"Yea Haz."

"Don't leave me here." he said about to cry i ran over to him and kissed him passionatly and then smiled and walked outside of the door before he blew me a kiss.

I walked into the lobey it was empty apart from a security gaurd who was by the door i crawled across the floor and done a rolly polly across the floor behind the desk and got out the key for our room that we was meant to have i made a loud noise and the gaurd came i quickly hide under the desk and went inbetween his legs and crawled behind the corner then ran as fast as i could and the surcearty gaurd was coming Harry was stood in the middle of the hallway i pushed him into the corner onto the door and hid from the man, he ran straight past Harry picked my up and put my back agenest the wall the wall i put my legs around his waist and he gave me love bits and then kissed them and made me moan he laighed and kissed me, our lips moved in time we stopped when we heard a mans voice it was the security gaurd, Harry put me down and we ran hand in hand to the elevator it took to long so we ran up the stairs and got to the door Harry pushed me in and i fell onto the bed. He walked over and took his top off i got up walked to him then put my arms around his neck and kissed his chest then ran into the toilet and locked the door, i brushed my teeth and remembered we left our cases in the room so i went into the bedroom and picked up Haarrys t-shirt and put it over my undwear and got into bed next to Harry who was just wearing his boxers. I put my head on his bare cheast and he played with my hair humming little thing in my ear i fell a sleep instantly.

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