All started with a show

Lizzie and her three best friends Amy, Maggie and Peyton are huge Directioners and when they go to see them on allan carr's chatty man and Lizzie meets Harry Styles, Peyton meets Liam Payne, Amy meets Niall Horan and Maggie mets Louis Tomlinson but will it stay like this


1. school

Lizzie P O V

Last night i couuldn't get to sleep manly because me and Maggie were up all night on the phone and then called Amy and Peyton, and also the fact that today after school we are going to see ONE DIRECTION DOING A INTERVIEW!

I woke up when Amy sent me a text,

"Yo liz wake up already wat shall ze awesome wear also when is it?

Obama out!"

She always put that and everytime i read it i laughed,

"idk ur nan. XxXxX"

I typed knowing she hated whe ever i said that. I heard my mum yell so i said that i was getting up but i was just staying in bed, I'M COLD AND ITS WINTER I AM NOT WASTING MY TIME AT SCHOOL EVEN IF I HAVE MY GCES IN A MONTH!

"Lizzie-Loo get you fat ass out of bed before i get mum!" My annoying brother yelled at me, he left school two years ago an everyone thinks his perfect because he is studying to be a docter of whatever shit his doing i couldn't care less about him we both don't get one and nothing will change, thats the way it is.

'BEEP BEEP' i looked at my phone it was another text from Amy somthing about her getting Gulom to kill me,

"YOLO MY FRIEND!" I sent it then hid under my covers. My feet touched the egde of my bed my foot got a gush of cold air when i put it out so i stayed there hibernating until my brother game and pulled me out and told me that Maggie and Peyton were here. I got off of the fllor and ran to my clostet i got out my blazer my skirt and my t shirt and threw thm on the bed and got my pjs and underwear off and got on my clean underwear and my school clothes, i bruhed my hair it was full of nots but i just let my blonde hair flow acrossmy shoulder before realzing that i would get dettion and not get to see One direction so i put my hair into a messy bun and brushed my teeth and got a peice of tost and went to the door but forgot my bag and went back to my room to ket it and my phone then ran down the stairs nearly falling a couple of times and then opened the gate becasue we have big metal gates infront of our house and got my key them ran outside i got to the gate but no one was there. I picked my bag up because it fell when i was running and turned around about to beat up Garry (My brother.)

"Come on Liz we are going to be late i turned around and saw Maggie and Peyton i ran to them and saw Garry at the door so i stuck my middle finger up at him and he just gave me a wave like i was a baby.

We walked down my road talking about what we are wearing and how we are going toget there and then we got to Amy's house and she was sat there with her dog palying with a doll with a mask on it, it probly was Taylor Swifts or Lucy beale from Eastenders. "You took your time!" She screamed running up to us we all just laughed and started talking about how fit One direction were and what we would do if we met them,

"I would make him tell the truth about Larry!" MAggie said she belives in Larry so much i think if she had to choose between what she belived in most out of Larry or God she would say Larry!

We arrived at school and done nothing as useal just talk about the GCSE becuase 'they are such a big deal' and 'if you dont do well you will marry a dusbin man and die' . I dont want to work in a office and be one of them boring office people that don't have fun only talk about the weather and 'back in the day' and all the shit i want to do somthing to be remembered by i want to be remembered by everyone.

When we finally got relised from the prison we started to walk home before, "Wait Lizzie," I turned round and saw Chad, he was the most popular cutiest boy in school, "Yea." I was trying to hid my nervous but i was really bad when i was nervous. "I was woundering if" I Stopped him before he could carry on speaking, "Go out?" He nodded and stared at the ground shyly. "Um...ok why not!" I said he came closer to me. "Really that would be great so how about saturday i'll pick you up at 7pm" "Um..ok" I said giving him a reshoring smile he thanked me one more time then gave me a kiss on the check i bushed then he walked off. After that we talked about tonight and about Chad, to be honest i am more exited about tonight who would!


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