All started with a show

Lizzie and her three best friends Amy, Maggie and Peyton are huge Directioners and when they go to see them on allan carr's chatty man and Lizzie meets Harry Styles, Peyton meets Liam Payne, Amy meets Niall Horan and Maggie mets Louis Tomlinson but will it stay like this


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Peyton's P O V

We haven't heaed from Lizzie in months, we have our GCSE's soon. we are all worried about her she hasn't replyed to our texts or calls. 

Today Maggie Amy and i deiced we would all go to see her, we are scared that something bad would have happened but pissed with her for leaving us but it wasn't all bad because after the show we bumbed into One Direction and Liam asked me to go on a date with him and now we are offically a couple! And because Liz is sad we have asked if all of the boys could come and say hello to her.

Niall knocked at my door then took me to Harry's car all the boys were in there and Liam gave me a kiss hello i blushed and then we went to pick up Amy and Maggie.

We drove up to Lizzie's house and got out of the car and pressed the buzzer. We were waiting a while before she answered it and walked inside.

Lizzie's P O V

Peyton and the girls came to see me, i didn't want to face them at first but i knew i should tell them what happened. 

They knocked at the door and i heard loads of voices they proberly brought thier brothers to see Gaz because he has been ignoring them too. I looked at Gaz before standing up to go to the door, some tears came to my eyes but i shock my head to get the sad thoughts out of my head.

I opened the door to find the grren eyes i saw in the hospital, it was Harry i took one look one look at Maggie and burst out crying Harry held me in his arm and strocked my hair i felt better in his arms.

"Liz you still can't be up set about Chad, his a dick!" Maggie said to me i just cried even more, Maggie's dad was best  friends with mine so it made me cry even more. "No it's it's my dad, he died yesturday." More tears fell down my face has i spoke and they all looked shocked, Maggie had tears in her eyes and cried with me Amy just shock her head and Peyton was still standing there with her mouth open wide the Liam came over to me. "Is your name Lizzie and have a brother?" I nodded and Liam looked at all of the rest of them and Harry mouthed somthing, "But Harry why don't you want her to know that you don't stop talking about her?" Louis said smiling and Niall burst out laughing with Zayn. "No i don't Louis shut the fuck up." I blushed when louis wispered in my ear "He can't stop talking about you." Harry let go of me and kissed me on the head before walking over to my brother, oh god.

"Liz..Liz.. i'm so sorry." Maggie said before coming into a hug then Amy joined and so did Peyton. "Where's your mum?" Amy asked looking at me in the ears still full of tears, "She's um left but i don't want her to know she will kill herself." They knew what happened before so they didn't speak then Zayn ran up and shouted 'group hug' and they all ran over to us even my brother got up to come.

After 4 hours of playing with my brother,one dirtection and my friends Liam left with Peyton to Liam's flat Niall left with Amy and Maggie went with Louis and zayn got a call from Perrie saying that she was free so that left me Harry and my brother until Gaz had to leave because he was going back to collage soon.

"Sooooo a free house." Harry said rubbing my leg i hit him he still had his cheeky smile on his face. We whatched Tv and hugged he tried to kiss me but i just turned away he looked at me with a shooked face. "Your the first girl i have ever met that didn't kiss me." 

"Well you've got to play hard to get don't you Haz." He laughed and i went to go to get some food but there was nothing there. "Do you want to go out to get some food or just out anywhere?" Harry could tell by my face that there was no food i nodded then ran upstairs this would be the first time that i will be going outside

I got out my black leggins because it is cold outside and my favourite t-shirt and then my hoodie and my blue converse, i didn't need to dress up so i just wore that.

"Wait in my car here are the keys do not go anywhere." Harry instrucked i nodded then walked to the car like a boss. I was waiting in his car forever what was he doing? then i saw him come into the car but he had changed he properly had a change of clothes in his car. "What took you so long?" He just tapped his nose and we drove out i pressed the button and the gates but it wouldn't open so i left the car tyo open it. When i got inside i noiticed there was a huge mess everywhere i went into my bedroom and all the draws were open, i was searching around to see what he was doing but then i stood complty still when i felt someone come behind me, he picked me up and put me over his shoulder and carried down the stairs into my frontroom, i was hitting his back playfully to try and get free but he was to strong. "Where are we going?" "Wait and see." he said still running, he threw me into the passenger seat put my seat belt on the closed the door and quikly ran round the other side. When we got out onto the main road i couldn't stop staring at this amazing boy who i just met and felt like i knew him since i was a baby he noticed that i looked at him and he put his hand on my knee making his way closer to my privart earier then i would have liked so i hit his hand and he smiled and looked back at the road.

After a long ride wich went really qiuke we got to a hotel and he got out of the car and jogged around to my side and opened it and held out his hand i grabbed his hand and got out of the car he kissed my hand then went to the boot of his car and opened it and got out two suiet cases. That's what he was getting! We walked into the Hotel what was named 'The Golden Clam' It was the one off of tv that everyone who is famous goes to, as soon as we got people came over to us but Harry doesn't act like its a big deal his just smiles at them and says hello and signs there one direction merc and gets pictures with him. We finally get to the desk and the lady who works there noictets him straighed away and tried to make her boobs look really big. She payed no attion to me i felt invisible but i was the one holding hand with Harry Styles weren't i.

"Can i book a table for two as well for tonight?" the lady looked at me with disgust but i just smiled at her and she nods her head. "We have one right by the sea is that ok." PERFECT!" I screamed making Harry laugh at me and the ladie rolls her eyes and gives him the key.

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