All started with a show

Lizzie and her three best friends Amy, Maggie and Peyton are huge Directioners and when they go to see them on allan carr's chatty man and Lizzie meets Harry Styles, Peyton meets Liam Payne, Amy meets Niall Horan and Maggie mets Louis Tomlinson but will it stay like this


4. Hospital

Garrys P O V

*1 month later*

We still haven't left i tried to make Liz go to school but she just starts crying becuase that was the school our dad went to.

I Have to stay stronge for Liz, I still don't know why she was crying before when i had to pick her up, it most of really hurt her becasue Lizzie never crys but theese last thew weeks she has been crying non-stop, our nan came to visted us but we all started crying even more our mum doesn't know about dad and we don't want her to because she loves him so much that when she found out that dad had cancer she nearly hung herself but he promised he would never leave us untill we were ready, but i'm not I can't look after Liz and make sure my mum don't kill herself.

"I want to see dad." Liz said waking me from my day dreaming, i didn't think it was a good idea because he had a car crash and he is in a coma but I deiced it would be a good idea. We made some cards and got some flowers from the shop, we didn't get dressed we just stayed in our tracksuiets and went there.

The car ride was silent i couldn't stand seeing my own sister like this i loved her so much and hated to see her sad just like when mum found out about dad it killed me thinking that mum wanted to kill herself.

We got the hospital and Liz grabbed my hand and she had tears in her eyes i just smiled at her triying to make her feel better but instead she burst out crying so did i put we pulled it together and walked in there, as soon as i walked in i had tears in my eyes knowing that dad won't be remembered he wanted to do something speical to be remembered by but now i guess he wont.

We walked to the desk, "Hello how may i help you?" She asked making Liz cry on my shoulder, i hugged her. "We are here to see Dean smith," I stopped and bit my lip tring not to cry again, she looked at usthen at the computer then at us agai sonthing isn't right.

"Um.. I'm sorry but mr smith past away last night. Didn't anyone tell you?" The word she said shocked me i burst out crying by that i guess she knew not. I leaned agenest the desk then back up and saw that Liz was gone!

Lizzie's P O V

It can't be true what she said it can't, dad can't die not now i have my GCSE's in two weeks i need my daddy i need him to tell me everything will be okay, i need him to sing me isn't she lovly his favourite song i did him, and i don't have my mum either and Gaz is going to back to collage i will be alone. I ran in every roon to find my dad from door to door i found people but not my dad, i got to the last door and prayed to god that someone who could help me and love me would be there, i pushed the door open with tears still falling down my face, i fell to the floor and started crying even more. "Dad are you there?" i aked i couldn't look up my eyes were red and i could speak that well.

"No i am sorry love, come here are you ok though?" I cried even more at his words, his voice made me calm though it was deep it made me feel safe, i looked up and saw two amerlade green eyes and curly bron hair it was Harry Styles, i didn't care though i just kept crying and walked to him, " Yeah, i'm fine its just that..." I stopped as to many thoughts cam to my mind about my dad my mum and how much my fridns proberly hat me i just started crying even more he pulled me too him and sat me on his bed, why was Harry Styles here anyway?

"It's ok love i don't bit" He laughed which made me laugh with him. "Its just that i liked this boy and he asked me out but i didn't know it was a dare until i was at the alan carr chatty man studio and he was with his girl friend and then i went home and didn't get to see you and the rest of one direction and then me and my brother who never get along got along then he told me that my mum has went away for a year and my dad is dieing here and then i wasn't answering my friends text or going to school and i have my GCSE's in a couple of weeks and then we cam here to sat goodbye to my dad even though he was in a coma but the lady told us he died last night." He looked at me shocked with tears in his eyes i felt even worse knowing that i made Harry Styles get upset so i cried even more, he grabbed my head and we layed there together and i fell asleep.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY SISTER FAGGOT!" It was Garry i woke up and so did Harry i went to him and told him what happened, "AND LIZ YOU DON'T HAVE TO RUN AWAY FROM ME AND SLEEP WITH RANDOM MEN IN HOSPITALS THEY MIGHT BE CONTAGES!" Harry bursed out laughing and so did i at Garrys words the way he put it made me laugh for the second time in a month.

"Sir, its fine your sister was crying about your... lose and it made me sad it has been a tough week for you both i know that, i don't mind helping you?" Omg a member of the worlds biggest boy band was asking to spend time looking after me and my brother! "No thanks mate i have always liked the wanted more they don't rape peoples younger sisters in hospitals!" Garry said with a sarcastic smile on his face he tried to get me out of the room but i stayed i saw Harry glench his fist, he got up and he didn't have a top on. "Don't hurt her" He said he could see that Gaz left a mark on my rist that killed! "What you going to do sing a song about rainbows then get your army of gay twats join in!" I went over to Gaz and slapped him he is such a dick sometimes clearly Harry would beat him up, but he wanted to act like the boss so i had to step in before they killed eachother.

"I see you in the car then" Gaz walked away, i felt pretty pleased for myself, i was about to leave then harry grabbed my wrist and i span into his ams span me then dipped me and wispered in my ear "Calll me if you ever need me." His deep voice gave me goosebumps i looked down and then her gave me a note and then lefted me up and kissed my hand. I walked to the door and turned around "Thanks" I said "No promlem for a gorgouse girl like you." He winked and made me blush and i waved and walked to the car. I lost someone impornat and met someone important.


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