All started with a show

Lizzie and her three best friends Amy, Maggie and Peyton are huge Directioners and when they go to see them on allan carr's chatty man and Lizzie meets Harry Styles, Peyton meets Liam Payne, Amy meets Niall Horan and Maggie mets Louis Tomlinson but will it stay like this


6. all her falt

the lady from the desk's P O V 

"Wait sorry i have gave you the wrong key." I Yelled running toward Harry Styles and that ugly brat, why would he be with her?

"I have gave you the wrong key this one is yours." I gave them the key to the yaniteers closet and toke the key from the sweet out of his hands. The girl glared at me for a bit before Harry walked of with her, i laughed under my brethe before going back to my desk and put their key into the cupboard and carryed on working.

Lizzies P O V

We walked down the hall way we got to the room i was so excited i squeezed Harrys hand he smiled and squeezed my hand back i squeezed his hand againm even harder then he did it and he looked at me. "Ow that hurt." He took away his hand and rubbed it i kissed it better and he kissed me head squeezing my head into his hand. I tried to get free but i couldn't so i bit his hand he yelled then got up and rubbed his hand. "Your going to pay for that." I started running down the hall i could help laughing and i could hear him echo my actions, i got to the door and quikly got out the key and ran in i ran and triped over a bucket onto my head. I got up and Harry ran to my side. "Liz are you ok?" He looked right into my eyes wich made me melt, "Ah no my head." i put my hand up to my head wich made me yell and Harry grabbed my hand away from my head and i saw the blood. "Lizzie" I could hear tears in his voice i looked over to him and he had tears in his eyes and had him lips inbeetwen his teeth, i put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. 

"Haz where are we?" I saw that we wasn't in a sweet it was defently not a sweet.

"That bitch from the counter gave us the wrong room!" He got up and glenched his fist i grabbed hold of his arm to try and get him to stay. "Harry, no don't it doesn't matter!" I pulled his arm even harder and he punched me in the face i fell to the ground and let Harry go. I lied there crying in a ball with blood still falling down my face and now my nose was bleeding from Harry. I had to go and get away from him i got up and took my bags and walked down the hall to the lobey and i saw the lady talking to a man Harry must have left but i didn't care i ran outside and the rain started to pour down so i dropped my bags and just ran i heard a voice from behind me, it was Harrys but i didn;t care i just ran and ran and ran before i got to the road and a car came.


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