Kelsey was regularly punished and ignored at home. She decides that enough is enough. She leaves home and gets found by an attractive male. She goes on adventures of love and heartbreak, and finds truelove in the end. But,when a tragic car accident puts her into a coma,will she ever be able to see him again?


6. Why Did You Come?

Kelsey's P.O.V

I had no clue where I was. I was cold and tired. I found an old park close to where the creek was. I decided to stay there for the night. Then I would take off in the morning. I heard rustling in the woods near by. Probably just a squrriel. I rested my head back down on my arm. It was extremely quiet out here. Then the rustling was louder. That was much louder than a squrriel. It got closer and closer. What if my parent's had found me? What would they do? Would they kill me? I started shaking with fear. I saw a figure of a man. It looked quite familiar from the distance. He stepped forward. I could make out the blonde hair and blue eyes. One more step,and I could see him.

Niall's P.O.V

Man,it was tough getting through the woods. I'm sure I had poison oak on both legs and ankles. I saw a park up ahead. I saw the shadows of swings, along with a slide. Could se be here? I don't know. I decided that I should go and see, if anything. I carefully walked by the last few trees before the clearing. I saw somebody hobbling towards a bench, they looked as if they were weary. Their back was slumped over, and they plopped on the bench. They sat there for a few minutes, not noticing that I was watching them. I moved my foot a little bit, and they instantly caught my eye. But, I really don't think they actually saw my face. The figure laid across the bench. But, every time I would take a step, you would see their head pop up, examining their surroundings. I got a bit closer, and noticed that the figure was a girl. I wonder if it's Kelsey? Only one way to find out. I got close enough to see her eyes, and I knew she noticed me. I took a step closer, and that's when I knew it was her. It was Kelsey.

Kelsey's P.O.V

It was Niall. He had found me. I didn't know to be excited or to try and get away. But how could I get away? I only had to crutches to let me walk correctly.

"What are you doing out here? It's freezing outside," he said, wrapping me in his jacket.

"Please leave me be...," I pleaded, handing him his jacket back. He was hurt. But, he kept trying to get me up. He tried to scoop me up, like he had at the creek. But, I squirmed out of his grasp. Biggest mistake ever. I fell, and my first instinct was to try and land with my feet on the ground. First thing to hit? My ankle. I cried out. He bent down, and wiped away my tears. I was too tired to fight back again. I let him pick both me and my crutches up. I continued crying, up until we got to the car. He opened the door, which took him a few minutes to do, and sat me inside. It was freezing in here, too. How long was he looking for me? He got in on the driver's side, and cranked the car.

"Why did you leave?" he asked, and you could hear the hurt in his voice.

"I didn't want to take advantage of you," I said, looking down.

"Look, you're not going to take advantage of me. Please remember that. But, if you still wish to leave, at least wait until tomorrow morning, ok? I have a spare room you can use, and you can take a warm shower tonight. I don't want you freezing out here."

I guess I now have a decision to make: stay with one of the most kind souls I've ever met, or go on my way to try and get as far away from here as possible.

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