Kelsey was regularly punished and ignored at home. She decides that enough is enough. She leaves home and gets found by an attractive male. She goes on adventures of love and heartbreak, and finds truelove in the end. But,when a tragic car accident puts her into a coma,will she ever be able to see him again?


3. Trip to the Hospital

Kelsey's P.O.V

It was cold in the doctor's office. The boy still stayed with me. He was very attractive. Bright,blue eyes,blonde hair,the brown roots showing. And his smile was perfect.

"Having fun there?" he asked with a giggle. I quickly looked down to my feet,where I found the reason why we were here. It was now wrapped in bandages,a cast possibly having to go over it. It was still quite swollen,not as bad as before.

"Ms...Kelsey is it? Yes,yes,here is your prescription. I am putting you on pain medication to ease up the,well,pain in your ankle,"the doctor said,handing me a piece of paper. How could someone ever read a doctor's handwriting? He left the room,as a nurse came in with a boot and some crutches. I said thank you,slipping on the boot and carefully getting up. He jumped up out of his chair to grab my arm,helping me up.

"Thank you...",I trialed off,expecting him to say what his name was.

"Niall. No problem..."


"Kelsey,I like that name,"he smirked.


Niall's P.O.V


Kelsey. I like that name. It had a special ring to it. Kelsey and Niall. Perfect together.

"Kelsey,I like that name," I smirked. I saw a smile playing on her lips.

"I like your name too,"she almost whispered. I could tell she was shy.

"So,should we go now?"I asked,interrupting the silence. She nodded her head and grabbed her crutches. God,she was beautiful. Even with the crutches,she was the prettiest girl I have ever seen. I helped her into the car,grabbing the crutches and throwing them in the back seat. We jammed out to music on the way back to the house. I have to admit,she was a pretty good little singer. What am I saying,she was wonderful. She caught me staring some,but I couldn't help it.

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