Kelsey was regularly punished and ignored at home. She decides that enough is enough. She leaves home and gets found by an attractive male. She goes on adventures of love and heartbreak, and finds truelove in the end. But,when a tragic car accident puts her into a coma,will she ever be able to see him again?


7. Through the Night

Kelsey's P.O.V

Niall held true to his promise. He led me to the spare bedroom, which was almost double the size of my bedroom at my old house.

"Um, would you care if you wore some of my older clothes? I don't really have anything other than those...," he said, looking back at his bedroom.

"It's fine," I said, giggling. He brought back a pair of shorts and a huge t-shirt. Well, huge for me, not so huge for him. I walked into the bathroom, and I was simply amazed. It was huge, too. I walked into the shower, and started the water. It felt nice, especially from freezing 30 minutes ago. I stayed in there for what felt like forever. I didn't want to leave. But, I had to get out eventually. I changed into the spare clothes, and just ended up wearing the shirt. It looked like a dress on me. I walked out and laid on the queen-sized bed. So much better than the park bench I was on earlier. Niall walked in again, looking at me from head to toe.

"You look as if you feel better," he said, smiling. I smiled back, but then he began to walk back out of the room.

"Wait, Niall!" I yelled. He came back, but he just stood in the doorway. I patted on a spot beside me, and asked him if he wanted to come and sit by me. Which he did, and I enjoyed it.

"Thank you," I whispered. He nodded his head, and put his arm around me.

"Will you tell me one thing, though?" he asked. I knew it was coming. He was going to ask about the abuse.


Niall's P.O.V.

"Will you tell me one thing, though?"

He face went pale. I knew I shouldn't have asked, but I wanted to know. I wanted to know why her parents were doing this to her.

"S-s-sure," she said. I couldn't let her continue on, especially if it took this much of a toll on her mentally.

"No, no. You really don't have to tell me. I'm sorry for bringing it up."

"Niall, you want to know. I can't keep it hidden forever.

"It started when I was around 6. My brother had just been born, and I thought we were going to be a big, happy family. Well, both of my parents began to work extra hard at their jobs, which resulted in many different fights. It finally got to the point that when my parents came home, I would go up to my room. I knew the yelling was about to start. After the fights, my mom began to drink. By drink, I mean a full bottle of whiskey a night. She beat me one night, enough to wear I was about knocked out. I was afraid to go anywhere but my room. That was when I was around the age of 10. It kept getting worse, so I would go to my dad. I thought he would protect me, but I was so wrong about that. He became afraid of my mom, too. But, then he began to join in with the drinking. Which led to me being beaten by him, also. My brother was also beaten, but his started at around the age of 1. So, I've been planning to escape for little over 7 years, but I had just came up with the official plan a few months ago. We had it mapped out, me and Casey. But, it all went south when my mom found out, and then I was beaten for that, too. It ended up working, hence why I am here. But I got a battle wound from jumping out of my 2 story window," she pointed towards her ankle. Tears were streaming down her face. I couldn't help but well-up with tears, either. I hugged her, and I really didn't let go for about a minute.

"I'm so sorry you had to go through that," I whispered. She would silently cry, and I would keep holding her. I finally let go, and you could see her tear stained cheeks.

"I won't let anything happen to you, ok?"

"Ok," she said, nodding her head. I stood up and walked towards the door.

"Wait, I want to know your story," she said, stopping me once again.

"How about this - if you stay until tomorrow night, I'll tell you my story. Deal?"

"But why not tonight?" she asked, accidentally yawning.

"Because of that reason," I said, chuckling. "You need to get some sleep. Goodnight, Kelsey."

"Goodnight, Niall."

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