Kelsey was regularly punished and ignored at home. She decides that enough is enough. She leaves home and gets found by an attractive male. She goes on adventures of love and heartbreak, and finds truelove in the end. But,when a tragic car accident puts her into a coma,will she ever be able to see him again?


2. Found

I was left on the ground in agonizing pain. Casey had left on his own,the plan practically tattooed in his mind. I grabbed my ankle,it was turning purple. I tried to run,but failed. I heard the footsteps coming closer and closer to me. I got up on last time,and ran. Ran as fast as I could with a hurt ankle.I knew where I was going to go. Where my mind could escape,where I could be myself. Out beside the creek,where my grandparents always took me when I was younger.

Niall's P.O.V

"Ok,Liam,once more,that one was great."

I wanted out of here.

I would much rather be out of this place,where I could do whatever I wanted. The boys have been having a little bit of trouble between them. I didn't want to hear them arguing. I didn't want to do anything right now. Except go to the old creek a couple miles from here. I always went there to get my mind straight. My mom and dad used to take me there when I was really young,before they got a divorce. I didn't understand it at that time,but I did want my parents together with me.

"Ok,boys. You all can go now. Recording is over. Next one will be in a couple of weeks," Simon said,ushering us out. Now to head down to that creek.


Kelsey's P.O.V

I'm glad I got here. I haven't seen it in a while. I loved watching the water run over the rocks. The squrriels and rabbits were scurrying around,doing their own thing. But,the footsteps I was hearing,wasn't a squrriel. They were getting closer. I started panicking,thinking that my oarents had follwed me out here. I looked up,to be met by a blonde haired,blue eyed boy. He walked slowly up to me,while I was slowly scooting back.

"Hello," he said,inching closer. He had a thick,Irish accent. I became curious,inching closer to him.

"Hi," I quietly whispered,standing up. Or trying,as I should say. I fell down to my knees,a single tear falling off of my cheek.

"Are you ok?" he asked,worried. He reached for my hand,and I gladly took it. His hand was soft and warm,an inviting feeling. I stood on one leg,making sure not to stand on my ankle. He noticed how I was standing.
"What's wrong?"he asked,examinging my ankle. it was swollen,purple and black.

"I...fell," I said hesitantly. He looked at me again worried.

"I need to carry you to a doctor. Here,let me.." he said,lifting me bridal style.


Author's Note:

I am so sorry guys! I have been busy with sports and all of that. I'll try to spend as much time as I can writing this. I know it's not the best,but I am trying...Ok,so,if you have any suggestions,leav them in the comments,and I'll try to put them in here.Thank ya'll for reading!(:

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