Suddenly, Everything Changed

Suddenly, Everything Changed when Maleah had a girls week with her two friends, Rachel & Alex. The three girls met someone along the way who changed their lives forever. It was One Direction. Everyone becomes very close and Maleah reveals a few secrets of her past to Niall. The question is: What is the secret and why is it such a big secret? Did Maleah make the right choice by telling Niall her past? Will this change the way Niall feels about Maleah? And will Rachel and Alex fall for the other boys of One Direction? What happens when they go through a horrible accident that may change their life? Will they make it? And will they remember what led up to it? Read on to find out!
WARNING: Surprises, plot twists, and jaw-droppers will come when you least expect it!
(By the way, this is my first Movella! Tell me what you think!)


5. "The Wake Up Song"

Niall's P.O.V.


     I woke up to Louis yelling at me. "What did you do to my face? Niall James Horan, you're going to pay. I'll get you back for this!" I sat up from my bed and laughed at Louis' face. "Actually, it was Maleah. But in her defense, I told her to. So, if you get anyone back, get me." I said, taking up for her. "Oh... I see how it is... Little Nialler is falling in love!" Lou joked. "Haha, very funny, Lou."  "Oh! So it's true?!? You didn't deny it!" Louis screamed while running around the room. "That is for me to know and you to find out." I got out of bed and headed into out mini living room. "Do you know if the girls are up yet?" I asked. "I don't know. Why do you ask?" Liam said while walking into the room. "Well, I was thinking... If they're not up yet, we could go wake them up. One Direction style."  A smile was forming across my face. "You mean... The Wake Up Song?" Lou asked. "That's exactly what I mean."  "Lets go!" Liam declared. We went out and got McDonald's for the girls. After getting the food, I grabbed the other guys and my guitar, and headed to the room that the girls were staying in. Along the way, I found a vending machine. I put in a few dollars. I thought that I might surprise the girls with chocolate bars later on.

     With my guitar in hand, I found the spare key card under the plant beside the door. I quietly opened up the door and we got into our places. I started playing my guitar and sang our famous "Wake Up Song". The guys jumped in. After singing the song, Alex and Rachel got up without any trouble. But Maleah on the other hand, just laid on the couch, still half asleep. I sang it all to her again while everyone else came around the couch and helped out. Louis waved the bag of McDonald's in her face, but she still didn't get up. All of us started jumping on the couch, tickling her, and telling her to wake up. She pulled the covers over her head, refusing to get up. We got off the couch and everyone gave up. "Just let her sleep," Liam sighed. "Wait... I know exactly how to get her up." I said. "This should be interesting... Good luck!" Rachel laughed. I bent down and whispered in Maleah's ear and she immediatly shot up and headed for the bag of McDonald's. Everyone looked at me, amazed at what I had just done. "Whoa... What did you just tell her?!?!" Alex asked. I smirked and said, "I told her that I got her a nice breakfast including a few chocolate bars that I found in a vending machine down the hall."  "Oh, that explains it!" Rachel said. "Explains what?" Harry asked. "Maleah is a huge chocoholic!" Alex explained. All of us just laughed and ate our breakfast.


     MALEAH'S  P.O.V.


     After we finished our breakfast, we debated on what we were going to do for the day. "What does everyone want to do?" Niall asked. Nobody spoke up. "We can explore the hotel...?" I suggested. "That actually sounds like a great idea. Considering that we've never been here." Zayn agreed. Rachel and Alex agreed as well, as did the rest of the boys. We went to our rooms and got ready for our day. I told the guys that I would text them when us girls were ready, since it takes girls longer to get ready.

     Later on, I searched for my phone but it was nowhere to be found. I looked for about another ten minutes and started to panic. Where could it be? "Hey, girls? I'll be right back. I'm going to check and see if I left my phone in the suite." I called out to them. "Okay, good luck." Rachel said. I'll probably need that luck... I walked out the door and across the hall to the suite the guys were staying in and knocked on the door. I heard the guys talking from inside. "Shhh! That's probably her! Quick, hide it!" I heard one yell. Finally, Niall opened up the door, shirtless and all. "Umm... What are ya'll doing?" I asked while laughing. "Uhh... Just getting ready. Why do you ask?" Niall replied calmly. "Well, I think I left my phone in here last night. May I have a quick look?" Niall looked back at the other guys and they nodded. "Sure." He finally answered, opening up the door so I could enter.

     I walked in and found that all the other guys were shirtless as well. What were they really doing? Before I could process what was going on, I found the guys passing my phone back and fourth to one another. It soon became a game of find the phone, like they did in their countless YouTube videos. I guessed and guessed but never got it right. I ended up wresteling them for it. Liam threw it to Harry, who threw it to Zayn, who tossed it to Louis, and finally to Niall. The other guys stepped back and left Niall and I fight for it. It was quiet hilarious, actually. Niall held my phone high above my head and I had to jump for it. I jumped on the couch to reach my phone and finally got it. "Yes!" I shouted and quickly ran for the door. Niall ran after me and grabbed me from behind into a big bear hug. I felt his warm skin on my back as he was reaching for my phone. His strong arms trying to find it. But I refused to let him have it.

     We wrestled for a few more minutes before Niall finally surrendered. "Okay, I give up. You're actually good at this." Niall joked. "Thank you!" I relaxed, finally letting my guard down. We sat down on the floor by the door, laughing and trying to catch our breath. "Awww, look how cute they are. Wresteling over Maleah's phone. Just adorable!" Louis said into the camera on his phone. I laughed because he still had sharpie all over his face. "Have you been filming us the whole time?" I asked Lou. "What? No! I have just been... Watching elephants win tickets to our concert." Louis joked sarcastically. The guys just laughed, as did I.

     "I need to finish getting ready." I finally said. I started to get up when Niall said, "Here, let me help you." He got up and extended his hand out for me as he helped me up. "Thanks." I said while giving a shy smile. How sweet. He really is a true gentleman. He opened up the door and I headed back to my room. Alex and Rachel seemed relieved when I came in the door. "Where were you? We were starting to get worried! Is everything ok?" Rachel asked. "Everything is great. Sorry for taking so long. Turns out that the guys did have my phone. It became a game of find the phone. Then, Niall and I ended up wresteling over it. I must admit, it was pretty funny."  "That's hilarious! And adorable." Alex commented. "Haha, yeah. It is.... Wait, you said they had your phone, right?" Rachel asked. "Yeah, why do you ask?" "They must have been doing something on there! Do you still have a passcode lock on it?" Alex finished the sentence. "Yeah..." I said, a little hesitant. "That's it! They were probably taking pictures! Check your photos!" Rachel instructed.

     I unlocked my iPhone and looked in my photo album. Rachel was right. They were taking pictures. But not just any pictures... Pictures of them while they were shirtless! I bursted out laughing and and the girls came over to take a look. We all laughed. "Wow!" Alex shouted. "They really do have abs!" Rachel said in laughter. I admit, they do look pretty good... Oh, who am I kidding? They looked great! While I was scroling through the rest of the pictures, I got a text. It was from Niall. The girls saw the text pop up and decided to leave me to text him while they finished getting ready. I started texting Niall.


Niall: Did you see the little surprise we left for you?

Me: Yes, I did. How cute. Haha =P

Niall: Did you show Rachel and Alex?

Me: Actually, I did.

Niall: What did they say?

Me: They thought it was cute too.

Niall: Cute like a puppy cute or cute like a crush cute?

Me: Well, I guess that's for me to know, and you to find out.

Niall: Awh, you're no fun! =P

Me: Haha, I know!

Niall: By the way, Louis is STILL trying to wash the sharpie off his face.

Me: Lol really? Is he mad?

Niall: Really. And no, he's not mad. At first, he thought I did it. But I told him the truth. I said it was you but I told him not to get mad because I told you to. You're lucky I took up for you!

Me: Thanks, Niall. And tell Lou that if he wants to get me back, then just do it. I love prank wars!

Niall: Haha, okay. I'll tell him! And if you need help pulling the perfect prank, you know who to call ;)

Me: Ok! What's Zayn's number? I might need a few ideas in the near future.

Niall: Ha ha, very funny.

Me: I know I am :0)

Niall: What is :0) ?

Me: A clown face :0)

Niall: Ohh! I see now. Haha :0)

Me: Yeah :0) By the way, the girls are pretty much ready. Where do you want to meet?

Niall: Lets just meet in the hallway, by the elevator. Still need an elevator buddy?

Me: ...Yes, please...

Niall: Okay. We'll meet you out there. See you in a few ;)

Me: Ok ;)


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