Suddenly, Everything Changed

Suddenly, Everything Changed when Maleah had a girls week with her two friends, Rachel & Alex. The three girls met someone along the way who changed their lives forever. It was One Direction. Everyone becomes very close and Maleah reveals a few secrets of her past to Niall. The question is: What is the secret and why is it such a big secret? Did Maleah make the right choice by telling Niall her past? Will this change the way Niall feels about Maleah? And will Rachel and Alex fall for the other boys of One Direction? What happens when they go through a horrible accident that may change their life? Will they make it? And will they remember what led up to it? Read on to find out!
WARNING: Surprises, plot twists, and jaw-droppers will come when you least expect it!
(By the way, this is my first Movella! Tell me what you think!)


8. Suspense, Surprises, Scares



     The storm continued while we watched TV and relaxed with the guys. I was sitting by Harry, his arm around me. I looked around the room at the others and saw how cute they were. Alex and Zayn were sitting close together, holding hands. Next to them was Liam and Louis. I felt bad for them. The only guys without a lady friend to cuddle with. Next to them was Maleah and Niall, who were both fast asleep. They look so adorable. Maleah's head is on Niall's chest and Niall's arms wrapped around Maleah, a blanket over both of them. I looked up at Harry and he looked at me. "Harry, look at Maleah and Niall," I whispered. "They're so cute," Harry replied. His face lit up. "Pssst! Liam." Harry whispered. Harry nodded, signaling Liam to look at Maleah and Niall. Everyone in the group looked at them and saw how adorable they were. "Awww, I need to take a picture of this!" Louis whispered. "Why are you so photogenic lately?" Zayn asked Lou. "I'm making him a scrapbook of all these lovely memories!" Louis joked, taking a photo of the two sleeping beauties. "There are some things about you that I'll never understand..." Harry said seriously. The group quietly laughed.

     Everything grew quiet again. The rain was still falling heavily and light thunder continued to rumble. I started thinking back on my day today and yesterday. Just yesterday, I was a regular teenager spending the week with my two best friends. But now, I'm all of that with the addition of hanging out with One Direction. What could be better than that? Oh, yeah. The fact that I'm falling for Harry, Alex is falling for Zayn, and Maleah is falling for Niall. I know for a fact that Zayn and Niall are falling for Alex and Maleah as well. But I'm not 100% sure if Harry is falling for me too. I think he is. But I'm still not sure.

     As my mind was filling with doubt, I hear Harry speak in that adorable British accent. "You ok, love?" I look up at him and smile. "Yeah, just thinking. That's all."  "You sure?"  "Yeah." Harry hugged me tight and said, "You're so beautiful, you know that?" I shook my head no, feeling insecure but flattered at the same time. "Well, you are. Never let anyone tell you anything otherwise. Ok?" By this time, a huge smile came across my face. "Thanks, Harry." I said while hugging him tightly as well. How perfect. Can this week get any better? When I least expected it, a bright flash of lightning filled the room, and the biggest boom of thunder roared, knocking the power out. I heard someone in the hallway scream. I held on to Harry for protection and waited for the worst to come.



     MALEAH'S  P.O.V.


     I woke up to a bright flash of lightning and the biggest roar of thunder I've ever heard. Niall awoke as well and I held on to him tightly. The lights were knocked out and it was fairly dark out, due to the storm clouds. "Is everyone ok?" I heard Liam ask, his voice a bit panicked. We answered him saying that we're all fine. "What's going on?" I quietly asked Niall, my voice filled with fear. "It's ok. It's probably just the storm. Don't worry, everything will be ok. I promise." Niall whispered to me while holding me close. "Just to be sure, I'll go to the front desk and ask if this storm is serious." Louis said. He got the light of his phone to guide him to the door and Liam tagged along with them.

     Everyone got out their phones and key chain flashlight for light sources. We sat on the floor in a circle, holding each other close for protection. "Why do I have the feeling that something bad is going to happen?" Alex asked with fear in her voice. "It's going to be ok. I mean, it's just a storm, right? We just need to keep a positive attitude about it." Zayn said. "Yeah, Zayn is probably right." Harry agreed. "I sure hope so..." Rachel added, unsure. "I hope Liam and Louis are ok." I added as well. "I'm sure everything will be fine. Like the guys said, we need to stay positive." Niall reassured the group. "Niall, how do you do it? In fact, how do all of you guys do it? You're so calm, relaxed, and positive. How?" I asked in amazement at the boys. "Honestly, I don't really know..." Niall's voice trailed off.

     Moments later, Liam and Louis came back in with the news. "As it turns out, this storm is looking worse than what we thought... The manager is starting to get people to evacuate..." Liam announced. "Evacuate? Where to?" I asked in shock. "The hotel basement. We should probably get a move on before it gets worse." Louis answered while getting a small bag of necessities. The fact that Louis was actually serious for once scared me a bit. I've never seen him so serious before.

     The group evacuated the hotel room and walked down all 15 fights of stairs since it would be dangerous to take the elevator at a time like this. As we were walking down the stairs, the building began to shake from all the wind, which startled everyone. I heard a loud scream from Louis behind me. The group looked back at Lou, wondering if everything was ok. "Lou, is everything ok?" I asked. Louis started to sob, but I couldn't tell if it was real. "I forgot..." Louis started. "What is is?" Liam asked. "KEVIN!" Lou shouted while sobbing louder. There it is. The normal/childish Louis! I chuckled a bit as did the group. We kept walking down the stairs towards the basement, everyone in silence, except for Lou who was fake crying.

     We had arrived in the crowded basement with people still filing in after us. We must have sat in there for hours. I looked over beside me at Niall, but I couldn't see his face very well since it was dark. What I could see was the fact that he didn't seem like his self. "You ok, Niall?" I asked. "Yeah... I'm...." Niall started. Next thing I knew, Niall fell to the floor, unconscious. "NAILL!" I shouted, my voice panicked. The others soon saw what was happening and called for a medical team. They took him away to another part of the basement to treat him. I just stood there in fear with tears in my eyes. "What happened?" Liam asked me while in shock. "I-I... I don't know. Everything was just fine a minute ago. All I did was look at Niall and ask if he was ok and the next thing I knew, he passed out..." I explained. Zayn's face suddenly lit up. "He probably passed out because he's claustrophobic." Zayn added, solving the puzzle. "Will he be ok?" I asked. "He should be fine in a bit." Harry answered. That didn't help. I wanted him to be fine now. I really don't want lose him. Even if it is for a few minutes.


     NIALL'S  P.O.V.


     I woke up on the basement floor with medical doctors surrounding me. "What happened? Where are my friends?" I asked out loud. "Everything is fine. You just passed out. Are you claustrophobic?" A lady nurse asked me. "Yeah, but... Where are my friends? Where is  Maleah? Is everyone ok? Is the storm over?" I asked nervously. "Your friends should be in the other part of the basement. Everyone is just fine. The storm is pretty much over, but we're keeping residents in here for another 30 minutes for extra procaution safeties." The nurse explained. "Can I go back to my friends now?" I asked. "I'm afraid you shouldn't go back in there. We wouldn't want you to pass out again." She explained. "Well... Can they come in here? With me?" I asked. The nurse looked at her co-wokers. "I'll have to check with the main doctor in charge and see what he says about it. But I'm sure that you'll see your friends very soon." She reassured me with a warm smile and left.

     An hour or two later, we were all released from the basement and went back up to our rooms. The storm was bad, but not too bad. Powerlines, trees, and such were knocked down. A few other minor things as well. I'm just glad it wasn't any worse than what it was.

 I talked to the guys about dinner, since it was getting around that time. We were a bit indecicive so we called the girls in to help us decide. We decided to go to the hotel restaurant for a fancy dinner, hoping that we could forget about the storm that came through.









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