Suddenly, Everything Changed

Suddenly, Everything Changed when Maleah had a girls week with her two friends, Rachel & Alex. The three girls met someone along the way who changed their lives forever. It was One Direction. Everyone becomes very close and Maleah reveals a few secrets of her past to Niall. The question is: What is the secret and why is it such a big secret? Did Maleah make the right choice by telling Niall her past? Will this change the way Niall feels about Maleah? And will Rachel and Alex fall for the other boys of One Direction? What happens when they go through a horrible accident that may change their life? Will they make it? And will they remember what led up to it? Read on to find out!
WARNING: Surprises, plot twists, and jaw-droppers will come when you least expect it!
(By the way, this is my first Movella! Tell me what you think!)


22. Pre-Concert Worries



Hey, guys! I'm soooooo sorry! I know I haven't been on in forever! I've been so busy with school. I'm so sorry about that! I'm going to find a way to make it up to ya'll, I promise! I love you guys! Keep reading and spread the word about my Movella! Thanks!!!!!!!!!!



     MALEAH'S  P.O.V


     I walked in to find Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn crowded by Niall's dressing room door that was closed.

"What's wrong?" I asked the boys, suddenly becoming very concerned.

"I don't know, it's Niall.. He's been in there for ages and he won't come out and tell us what's wrong. We were hoping that maybe you could talk to him?" Harry spoke.

"Yeah, sure. Just give me some space."

The boys walked away and went into their own individual dressing rooms and continued to prepare for the show.

I took a deep breath, hoping for the best but expecting the worst. I softly knocked on the door and waited for a moment.


I knocked once again.

"Hey, Niall? It's me, Maleah... May I come in?" I asked.

Without a sound, the door opened slowly and Niall peaked out and made sure it was me. He opened the door a bit more, allowing me to walk in. As I did, Niall swiftly and carefully shut the door behind me and we both sat down on the small couch in his petite but cute dressing room.

"Is everything okay, Nialler?" I asked obviously worried.

Niall shook his head and looked down and I saw a tear trickle down his face. I just hugged him and tried to comfort him. The sight of him crying leaves me heartbroken.
"Niall, please tell me what's going on. I may not be able to solve the problem but I know there has to be some way that I could help. Okay? I love you so much Niall. I hate seeing you hurt. I want to help you. All you have to do is tell me... Okay?"

Niall finally pulled out of the hug and wiped his tears away.

"Well... It's two things really..." His Irish accent flowed.

I looked in his eyes and nodded, showing that I'm giving him my full and undivided attention.

"First off... I checked my phone the other day and saw a bunch of stuff on twitter... About us..."

The words he said shocked me a bit. But I tried to keep my cool.

"W-what kind of stuff?" I asked and wondered if I would regret asking that question.

"I'm guessing you haven't logged onto twitter lately, have you?"

I shook my head nervously.

"People keep sending you a bunch of hate and they keep hating on us... I saw this the other day but I didn't want to tell you because I knew you'd be upset and I don't want you to harm yourself again but at the same time, I knew you'd find out so I felt even worse and it's all really getting to me and I just don't know what to do..."

"Niall, there's a reason why I haven't logged on to twitter lately. That's because I knew that there would be hate. I knew people wouldn't like us together and I knew that some people would be sending death threats and all. I knew this would happen. So, I decided to just not log on to twitter and to just forget about all the haters. I mean, yeah, sure, there are going to be a bunch of haters out there. And yeah, sure, there are going to be a bunch of supporters out there. But does any of that really matter? It's just their opinions of us. That shouldn't have any effect on our relationship. All that really matters is us and our opinions. Niall, I know there are going to be many ups and downs in this relationship. I may not know much but what I do know is that I'm here for you and I love you for who you are. Don't believe what anyone else has said, unless I've told you differently. And if there's anything I can do, then I'd be more than happy to do it. I just really don't want to lose you. I don't care what people say when we're together. Okay?"

After a few seconds, Niall took my hand so we were both standing, and he just hugged me. I hugged him back and embraced the moment because I knew it wouldn't last forever.

"I never thought you'd take this so well. I was so worried... Wait, why are you taking this so well?" He said while pulling out of the hug with a raised brow.

"Because... I was a fan once, I know how it all goes when one of you gets a girlfriend. I always saw that and just stood there amazed that some fans would send hate like that. I always told myself that I'd never do that... And I didn't. Because I know how much it hurts. Weather I'm that girl or not, nobody deserves that."

Niall took me into another one of those Horan hugs that I loved so much. He kissed my forehead and hugged me tighter.




     NIALL'S  P.O.V.


     I was standing backstage with the lads, waiting to go on. I looked back a few feet behind me and saw Maleah, Rachel, Alex, and Lou Tisdale giving us a thumbs up. Liam asked Lou to film the concert since his mum couldn't be there. Maleah had a Nikon D3200 camera in her hands, ready to capture the action that was about to go down. She looked like a real photographer... It's adorable. Paul started counting down. I felt the butterflies go crazy in mu stomach, until we finally ran out on stage and did what we do best: Have a good time doing what we love with our best mates.




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