Suddenly, Everything Changed

Suddenly, Everything Changed when Maleah had a girls week with her two friends, Rachel & Alex. The three girls met someone along the way who changed their lives forever. It was One Direction. Everyone becomes very close and Maleah reveals a few secrets of her past to Niall. The question is: What is the secret and why is it such a big secret? Did Maleah make the right choice by telling Niall her past? Will this change the way Niall feels about Maleah? And will Rachel and Alex fall for the other boys of One Direction? What happens when they go through a horrible accident that may change their life? Will they make it? And will they remember what led up to it? Read on to find out!
WARNING: Surprises, plot twists, and jaw-droppers will come when you least expect it!
(By the way, this is my first Movella! Tell me what you think!)


2. Pizza & Games



     For transportation, we rode in the beige colored mini van the guys and I had to rent for the week. The van was fairly spacious with cloth seating. Harry was driving and Rachel was in the passengers seat. Behind them in the middle row seated me, Maleah, and Liam. Then, in the back was Alex, Zayn, and Louis.

It's funny how each row is engaged in completly different conversations. Harry and Rachel often chatted about the concert next week. Liam, Maleah, and I commented about our tour and the amazing places we've been to so far.

Lastly, Alex, Zayn, and Louis were talking about the video diaries we made during The X-Factor competition. "VAS HAPPENIN, ALEX?!?" Zayn yelled to Alex who just laughed and said back, "VAS HAPPENIN, ZAYN?!?"

     The ride went on as we were just about to give up searching for the pizza place. To our luck, Harry pulled in the drive way and parked. We walked into small restaurant with only a couple of people there. I inhaled a nice sent of warm pepperonis and fresh cheese.

We all sat down in a big booth and waited for our waiter. We ordered our food and drinks. For some strange reason, Louis requested for a large glass of plum juice... and started socializing normally again.

     The waiter informed us that our pizza might take more time than anticipated because the oven was acting up. Apparently, this is one of the oldest and most successful pizza places in Nashville, so we decided to wait. Boredom crept in so we played a few stupid games with each other, like Truth Or Dare. Of course, nobody dared to do anything. Louis although, tried to take off his shoe and use it to drink his plum juice.

     We took crazy pictures/videos, and creeped out people who were walking by the window we were seated near. It was absolutly hilarious! Liam choked on an ice cube while telling the waiter a pointless joke about spoons.

 Maleah and I took a bunch of pictures together. She told me that she dreamed to be a famous photographer one day. I don't hear that from a girl everyday! It really interested me. She showed me a bunch of her pictures that she had taken of her backyard and recent vacations. I was in awe of her hard work. She really is a great photographer.

     I made a short video on my phone, introducing everyone in the booth and making a few jokes along the way. We all tried to act as the person next to us. Seeing everyone's expressions and immitations of each other was a humdrum.

We laughed so hard that everybody ended up getting the hiccups at the same time! The waiter came out with our large, hot cheese pizza, laughing at how rediculous we all look. He said it was the funniest thing he's ever seen/heard people do in his pizza shop.

     After we all calmed down, we dove in our pizza. Once I took my first bite, Maleah caught my eye. My heart rate was climbing as she looked into my eyes. Every sound around me began to fade... "What's wrong, Niall?" She asked me while laughing at my expression. What just happened? How long was I starring? I suddenly felt something warm drop on my pants...a string of pizza cheese. Thoughts rushed through my mind. "Uh... this pizza... It's amazing!" I said unsure of myself taking another bite to hide the embarrassing moment.

The other boys made fun of me by trying to do the same thing. The three girls started laughing at their faces. "I never knew pizza could be so... Perect." Harry joked while smiling at his pizza and swiftly taking another bite. "This is amaZAYN!" Zayn joked. Louis didn't say anything.

"Oh no! You know the food is good when Louis doesn't speak!" I joked. Everyone laughed and Louis sheepishly smiled, and began licking his drink like a dog.

     After we finished and gave the waiter a tip, we walked out of the shop and stood there for a minute, discussing what to do next. Out of the blue, Louis looked up and pointed, then shouted, "ARCADE!"I raised an eyebrow. "Wanna go?" Alex and Rachel asked at the exact same time."Oh! Twin moment!" Maleah pointed out.

"Well, do we all want to go to the arcade?"  "I don't know about ya'll, but I'm in!" Maleah said. "Me too!" I agreed. For some reason, I had no intention of leaving her. Harry favored as well. "Vas happenin, arcade?!?" Zayn joked. Everyone else hopped on the bandwagon. We walked happily across the street to the arcade.



        MALEAH'S P.O.V.


     We entered the arcade doors with a rush a wind and were overwhelmed by all the arcade games, mini glow golf, go-carts, and lazer tag, etc. We took a minute and debated on what we wanted to do first. "No! I wanna do the giant baby swing!" Harry complained. We finally chose lazer tag because of its short wait. We put on our heavy vests on and chose teams.

     "I say that Niall and Maleah be on a team alone, since apparently, they're both lazer tag masters," Louis voice filled with sarcasm. "Oh, come on! You're just jealous of our lazer tag skills!" Louis playfully stuck out his toung at Niall. "I bet you're too scared to accept this challenging challenge."

 Finally, I spoke with more confidence than I actually had, "I'm not afraid of a challenge. Or a little friendly competition." I sighed a relief. I'm not as good as they think. "If you're in, then I'm in," Niall said, looking down into my eyes. "I'm in." Our eyes were still locked together. A million different emotions seemed to flow smoothly in his soft blue eyes. I read them meticulously.

"It's on! Let the games beginnn!" Louis shouted with his arms flying while running into the tag room. A shot in the dark, I almost became lost. Everyone found their hiding places and waited for the game countdown to begin. Around the corner, I could see a tiny glimpse of a shoe lace... "It's us against everyone else. How are we going to do this?" Niall asked as the lights lowered slowly. "We'll find a way." I reassured him. He smiled at me.

     Finally, the voice over the speaker began and dramatically announced, "The game begins in 3...2...1...GO!" I felt a rush in me as Niall and I found a different wall to shield ourselves. "Look out!" I lowered my head as we were constantly being shot at. We moved once again to a different location. "We need to make sure we stick together. We can help each other better that way, and... I  just...don't want to lose you in battle," Niall said while giving me a cute, quirky smile. "I was just thinking the same thing." If what he said was inside a bowl of chocolate ice cream, I could just taste the sweetness. We got down on our knees, and shot at the the only moving objects in sight.

     I heard a squeak of a shoe and was surprised when we got shot directly from Louis, who sneaked up behind us. "HA! Take that!"  "Okay, we need a plan!" Niall whispered. The arena now was still and quiet...Everyone was hiding.

     Niall and I migrated to another black wall that gave us more coverage and protection. "I have an idea!" His face lit up. He told me the plan, which was risky, but necessary in this case. I peered out from the glowing green wall and took a deep nervous breath.

I nodded at Niall and we both headed our seperate ways. We were now on different ends of the room, I almost hit a pole, but it was bright enough to catch my attention.

 I looked out from my wall, searching for Niall to give me the signal. I didn't see him for a minute, and started to worry. Did they find him? Is he down? Does he need help? I bit my lip and quietly rubbed my hands together.

     I finally spotted him among the white paint spattered wall. He looked at me, then quickly glanced around the room for any upcoming people. I didn't think it'd take them this long to devise with a plan, especially with six opponents against us. Niall gave me a wink, signalling me to attack.

We both sprinted into action and started with Louis and Liam. Niall shot Louis in a perfect target and he fell slowly to the ground pretending like he just got shot from a real gun. Shortly after that scene, I tripped Liam as he lunged toward me. He regained his strength and tackled me as if I were about to score a touchdown in a football game. He wrestled me with my laser gun, then his vest vibrated. I shot him.

Niall held out his hand and helped me to my feet. "Harry and Rachel next!" A moment was wasted just trying to search for these two ninjas. I can't believe Liam didn't even let me win, I thought. Out of nowhere, Rachel jumped out and yelled "Arg!" I put my game face on as I felt her competitive presence. Harry stood in front her and suddenly decided to give up once he saw Louis praying on the ground.

Harry headed swiftly towards the exit. Niall and I smiled at each other. Rachel caught up with him. She slapped him across the face! "You can't just leave me like that." Harry's eyes filled with regret. "Wow." He said in disbelief. "I'm so..."  "It's too late now, but I forgive you." Rachel interrupted softly. Yep, that's Rachel. She's so competitive. But in a good way.

As we trudged forward towards Zayn and Alex, I suddenly remembered my compact mirror still in my pocket. I chuckled to myself as I pulled it out. Zayn's face instantly brighten as his reflection was sighted. Niall then nodded at me and shot Zayn which took him out of his gaze. He frowned after realizing his has just been played. "Wha whatt!" I shouted to him.

     "Now one to go..." Niall reminded me. I spotted Alex and squatted in the perfect shooting position. Steady, aim, focus. I said to myself. There she was, out in the open. I began pressing my finger on the trigger and..."Game Over!" The speaker broke my concentration. My gun was disabled and so was my vest. We lost. I needed those few points from Alex!

     "That was so much fun!" Rachel shouted, while breathing hard. "Yeah. You should've seen your faces!" Louis laughed while looking and Niall and I with a tease. Harry hung is vest on the hook and shook his hair like a dog and sweat was sprinkled everywhere. I don't understand why he was so tired though.

      Everyone just high-fived each other, celebrating their win. "So what? We lost, but we still had fun, didn't we, Maleah?" Niall wondered my eyes hoping I would say something he would want to hear. I shot him a smile and said, "Best lazer tag game... Ever."

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