Maliks girl


1. The new kid

marinas p.o.v

so.. yeah my name is marina and i am what you could call the "bad girl" of this school, always late for lessons, getting into fights and flirting with "all" the boys.

well today this new kid is apparently arriving no lessons for me today then! i hate being in the lessons with the new ones on the first day oh my god they're too good! it makes me feel sick!

well better start getting ready! i decided to wear a random top since i honestly couldn't be bothered today i also wore my studded shorts and vans.

since i don't have a car i caught a ride off my best friend alexia, she was probably my favourite out of the group but i honestly don't think she likes what i have become... whatever, who cares? anyway we finally arrived at school and yes i did skip the car ride okay? 


so we were now in our 4th lesson.. well i'm skipping lesson, i'm just walking really until i turn around the corner to see this boy he has dark brown hair, brown eyes, tanned skin and a lot of tattoos! please don't tell me this is the new kid, i mean i haven't seen him around before so it must be. He was quite hot to be honest.

i turned to alexia and asked who he was

alexia-"oh him... yeah he's the new kid! his names zayn malik!"

she walked off.. to lesson i think, why wasn't he going? i just decided to walk past him casually but then he pulled me back and pushed me against the wall! wtf?

zayn-"hey beautiful" 

marina- "umm... hey"

zayn-"so whats your name" he said that while winking at me, i rolled my eyes

marina-"umm, i'm marina and i'm guessing you're the new kid? zayn right?"

zayn-"you got that right beautiful" 

marina-"umm.. zayn? can you let me go now? i've gotta go somewhere.."

he didn't let me go.. he just searched in my back pocket for something that was when i realised he was searching for my phone! he got it out and started typing.. i heard a beep! wait, did he just text himself off my phone?oh god he's got my number! who the hell does he think he is? 

he let go off my arms but stayed close to me, i pushed him and walked away.. what just happened?!

Hey beautifuls! first chapter yay! hope you like it<3 anyway like, favourite and comment what you think yeah?:) i'll update soon

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