Maliks girl


3. Before the "date"

*at home*

i've been worrying about tonight all day! why am i so scared right now, it just doesn't make sense to me, i'm not gonna bother getting ready! i'm not going and thats it.

i fell asleep! wait? what? anyway there was a knock on the door... terrified i go and open it and there he stands, zayn, looking unimpressed at what i'm wearing he takes upstairs to my room pushes me on the bed and starts searching through my wardrobe while he does we start talking

marina-"zayn can i ask you a question?"


marina-"how the hell do you know where i live?!"

zayn-"umm.. well... alexia told me okay?"


zayn-"babe, please just shut up"

marina-"don't call me babe"

he finally picked out an outfit and i was quite shocked! it was really nice a lot of pink but it was beautiful 

i got changed and walked downstairs to find zayn sitting downstairs on the sofa i still can't believe alexia told him where i live! 

i tried to go downstairs as quietly as possible but when i came down to the last step he turned his head and smirked.

zayn-"you look beautiful"

he came up to me held my waist and kissed my neck

marina-" zayn, stop."

he stopped..

zayn-" come on we need to go"

he pulled me out of the door and into the car, he fastened my seatbelt and walked round to his side.

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