Its never too late

At just 13, Sophia Rose Connely is forced to bear with a hole in her heart due to the loss of her mother. Causing her to rethink her choices, she begins to attend Weston High. Through her mourning, love, passion, and trust, Sophia learns to fall like never before, get back up, only to get knocked back down.


2. First Day


"Hey sexy"

"Hello beautiful"

"Hi babe"

I must be the first new soul to step foot on this campus in a long time. All the girls are staring at me, pointing, and whispering. Then there is the guys. They are very friendly.

"Excuse me. Coming through. Sorry. Pardon me. Sorry. Excuse me. Ow. Sorry."

Trying to get through a crowd of high schoolers that are either your age or older is very hard.

"Does anybody know where Catherine Horan is?" I shout.

A blonde boy from the back of the crowd steps forward, everyone else clearing a path for him.

"Shit," I say as somebody bumps me and knocks all my papers and books on the ground.

"You are looking for Cat?" the cute blondie asks as he bends down to help me pick up my stuff.

"If that is short for Catherine Horan then yes."

"I'm Niall Horan, senior here at Weston High, If you haven't noticed by my last name, I am Cat's older brother. I beliieve she just went to the front office to wait for you. I'll bring you to her," he looks back to the other tall hot guys in the back of the crowd and winks, "See ya boys."

"Thank you for your help. I'm so clumsy, I jus-"

"Your'e cute. What are you a sophomore?"

"Fresman. Exchange student from the U.S." I say, shouldn't he know this? I am supposed to be staying at his house this year.

"Oh! You are Sophia Rose Connely. You are staying with my family," he winks as he says, " I guess that just means you will be seeing a lot of me, and ill be seeing a lot of you."

"You are pretty nice. I mean, all the other guys here are drooling and acting like they have never seen a girl before."

"Haha yeah. We just don't get new students here," he shrugs, "here is the office. I hope to see you at lunch!"

"Bye!" I say back to him.

"What can I do for you?" the lady at the front desk asks.

"Uhh," I look at her nametag, "Mrs. Brace, I am Sophia Rose Connely, I am looking for Catherine Horan."

"I'm right here Mrs. Brace!" a bright skinny blonde beauty pops out of a spinny chair from in another room. As she approaches I can see her eyes, just like Niall's, deep blue with a silver sparkle. "Nice to finally meet you Sophia! I am going to show you to all our classes. We have the same schedule!"

"Nice to meet you too, Cat. Is that right? Your brother said you like to be called Cat," I take a step back, afraid of her enthusiam. She is so cheery and nice. She seems like a sweet girl.

"Yup. Now follow me this way Soph-... Is it alright if i call you Soph. It is a lot easier to s-"

"Sure," my lips form into a smile and I laugh.


The luch bell rings. Cat and I head to the cafeteria, to find what I fear; more people staring. We walk up and stand in line behind Niall and 'The Boys'.

"Watch this," Cat whispers in my ear and slowly creeps up to Niall, "BOO!"

"What in the bloody hell!?" Niall screams. He jumps and turns around with an angry face and glares at Cat. Then he looks at me. I'm giggling, because it really was funny, and he smiles back.

"Ooo, Niall!" I see another boy lean over and punch him on the arm teasingly. Great, just what I need. A popular senior hottie that I have to live with crushing on me. Great. But the teasing coming from a dark haired boy with a face that looks like and angel, actually made me laugh harder.

"Get over here," Cat says, " This is Zayn (The boy who was teasing Niall), Liam, Harry, and Louis. They are my retarded brother's friends that I have to deal with all the time. But they are like my brothers." Cat puts her arm around two of the four guys, the dark haired one, Zayn, and another one she said was Liam.

"Nice to meet you," I say giving my best smile. They laugh at Cat's speech and the one Cat introduced as Harry looks at Niall.

"Bro, I think we are just going to go sit down. We aren't hungry today," he leaves giving a worried look to Niall, and the rest follow, all except me and Niall. Cat goes to talk to some other girls she knows, her friends from last year; after all, this is the first day back to school, so it doesn't surprise me that she would want to catch up, and the fact that i've only known her for a couple of hours. Niall satres at me with his mouth open, like he wants to say something.

"What's the matter? Cats got your tongue?" I ask.o

"That was embarrasing," was all he said.

I laugh to myself, "Nothing to worry about. It was quite entertaining. But look, since I have to stay at your house and Cat is my friend, I don't want you to have feelings for me. We are friends, no more. It would be weird for us, not that you aren't cute or anything, because you are, but you are a senior, im a freshmen. Not to metion that I am an exchange student. Did anyone ever tell you that you British people have really cute accents? Yours is different, Cat's is too. You guys are Irish aren't you? Sorry for my ramble. I get nervous around cute guys. I've never had a boyfriend before. I haven't even had my first kiss ye-"

He leans in and presses his lips to mine. I can feel his lips start to move, and I close my eyes. His tongue traces over the crease on my lips. He pushes them apart. Automatically we move in sync. I have no idea what is going on around us, and in this instant it was just us two.

I pull away, and what seemed like forever was only about 15-20 seconds, but it was still long enough to get Cat's and the rest of the guys' attention. They were all staring in shock, and Cat's mouth was wide open.

"How was that for a first kiss?" Niall asked.

I looked at my feet and mumbled, "Okay I guess."

"I'm sorry, I just had to. You didn't stop me. And you are a great kisser, I mean for the first time. Your lips we're calling my name and they looked so soft," he takes his finger and touches my lips, "Shhh."

I look up at him, still so shocked. I turn around and see the guys put their heads down like they had seen nothing. Cat starts to walk toward me. "See you, after you get your food."

"What was that?" Cat asks.

"Honestly I don't know. I started to tell him that his embarrasment was entertaining, and that we can't be together, and he can't like me so he needs to forget his feelings now; then somehow i trailed of saying that i have never had a boyfriend before, and I hadn't ever kissed anyone, and then he just kissed me," I babbled.

"Whoah slow down," she laughs, "it's alright. It's not your fault. Here come sit." She sat me down with the guys. and Liam, Louis and Zayn just started to laugh. Harry still looked shocked, but he just looked at me confusingly.

"Well you don't see that everyday," Zayn said.

"Expecially not from Niall," Harry finally spoke up.

"Maybe from Zayn," Liam said laughing harder.

"Hey, you are just jealous of my ability to get the girls when you can't," Zayn snaps back.

"So what was that?" Louis asked.

"I don't know," was all I managed to get out.


My first day is done, and I have already kissed a boy. Well isn't Dad going to be ecstatic when he finds out that this is the same boy I am going to be living with.

"Need a ride Sophia?" Harry pulls up in his Volvo.

I smile, "Yeah. No. My ride is going to be awkward- Niall is taking me and Cat to their house. Thanks for the offer though. By the way, you need to check your brakes, I can do that if you'd like,"

"You work on cars?"

"Yeah. Iv'e got my own 1969 Shelby back home. If you ever need help and don;t want to get your pretty little hands dirty, give me a call," I wink as I walk away to find Cat, "See you tomorrow Curly."


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