Its never too late

At just 13, Sophia Rose Connely is forced to bear with a hole in her heart due to the loss of her mother. Causing her to rethink her choices, she begins to attend Weston High. Through her mourning, love, passion, and trust, Sophia learns to fall like never before, get back up, only to get knocked back down.


3. Feelings

"Hun, don't worry about Niall. Cat told me about lunch yesterday. He is a senior, used to getting whatever he wants. But don't hold it against him either," Mrs. Horan apologizes, "And call me Samantha."

I smile up at her, "Don't worry, he doesn't bother me." I head back to my room, waffle in hand. I apply my eyeliner, mascara, and head for the bathroom to brush my teeth. I open the door, and steam creeps up my body. I look up to see Niall, half-naked and in his towell. He grins at me. I just turn around hand head for my room, erasing any mental images from my mind. But one I can't; his abs. Goddamnit. He had to have at least a six pack.

We are in the car by 7, and arrive at the school no later than 7:15. Cat drags me out of my seat, and I stand up. I look down at my all time favorite outfit, ripped jeans and a beige sweater. I adjust my schoolbag, and follow closeley behind Cat. She decides to introduce me to the entire freshman class, and before she can move to the sophomores, Harry come to the rescue.

"Mind it I steal her for a sec?" Harry grins at Cat, and I can see her melting inside. Obviously she finds him attractive. Who doesn't? She walks away, heading over to Jade, a brunette with grey eyes, also the first person I was introduced to this morning.

"Harry right?" My lips curve into a smile.

He returns the gesture, "Yeah."

"Sorry, I've met a lot of new people today."

"I can tell. Look at them, drooling over you," he nods over to the entire male population of Weston High.

"Never been drooled over before. Can't say the same for you though," oops. I didn't mean to let that slip.

He just raises his eyebrow, "You've never been drooled over? That has got to be a lie. I mean look at you," he takes a strand of my natrally lose spiral curls, "this, this is beauty. You're chocolate hair color shines in the sun. You're beautiful green eyes shine even without the sun. I don't think i've seen a brunette with green eyes before. You are simply beautiful in a unique way. Those jeans, " he points to my favorite fair of skinnys, "make you look amazing, not that you need it. Your smile-"

I start to giggle before he can finish, "One; you are a brunette with green eyes," he looks embarrased, "Two; you think i'm attractive?"

He scratches his neck and looks to his feet, "Uh, I guess. Look, I came over here to ask you if you wanted to hang out today. Yesterday you said you could help with the brakes on my vol-"

"I did, and I will," I kiss him on the cheek and walk over to Cat. I can feel his eyes watch me walk away, and all I can do is smile. I guess this year wouldn't be so bad after all.


The lunch bell rings once again. Cat and I walk to the cafeteria together, and sit at an empty table. We aren't hungry, and apparently Niall isn't either.

"Um, hey," he sits down next to me, across from Cat.

"Hi," I say.

"Go eat you freak. I know you are hungry," Cat says, trying to get Niall to leave.

"Actually, I was just wondering if you could let me borrow Sophia for a second?"

"Damnit Soph. Stop being so pretty," Cat walks over to Jade, yet again.

"So, I, uh, what was that this morning?"

"You mean when I walked in on you in the bathroom or Harry?" I feel my lips curve up in a playful way.

"Harry," he says, sounding a bit worried.

"Oh he just wanted to ask if i wanted to hang this afternoon. I said sure."

"Well if that was it, I guess I'll be on my way," he stands up from the table, "You are welcome to come and sit with us if you want."

"Thanks, I guess," I stand up also, collect Cat and Jade and head to their table. Cat sat next to Harry, on his right. Niall is on my right, Harry on my left. Jade sat next to Louis and Zayn, on the other side of the table, along with Liam.

“Hello Sophia, Cat, Jade,” Harry says warmly.

“Hello boys,” Jade, Cat and I say in unison. Jade, Louis and Zayn break off into a conversation about the new chemistry teacher. Niall and Liam start to talk about how hot all the new freshman girls are, and Harry and Cat start to talk about how warm it is outside for this time of year, and I just sit in shock.

“Why does this surprise you so much?” Cat asks, “It’s August, and its still in the high seventies!”

“In pretty much everywhere I’ve lived, it is in the high eighties-low nineties during August,” their faces look shocked.

“We barely even get that in the summer!” Harry exclaims.

“Not in the U.K.” Cat says.

“I have to say, I really like the rain and snow. I have maybe played in the snow 5 times in my life.”

“Hah. You’re in for a surprise,” Harry smiles and raises his eyebrow. I look at him and start to laugh. “What?”

“That face - was,” I search for the right word, “Fucking hilarious.” He gives me a huge smirk and Cat just looks at me while she giggles.

Leaning her mouth over to my ear, she whispers, “I think there are two people that have a crush on each other. And it’s not me.”

I lean away and smile. Looking at Harry, I remember something. “Hey, is it alright if I go to Harry’s today? His car needs some work, and since he can’t do it, he has asked me.” I wink at Harry.

“I never said I couldn’t d-“ he starts,

“Shhhh,” I put my finger to my lips, Is that alright Cat? It won’t be long.”

“Go ahead. You two lovebirds have fun,” she miles and flips her hair as she stands up to go help with her ‘detention duty’.

“We’re not lov-“ I start,

“Shhhh.” Harry puts his finger to my lips. I can tell Cat heard him, because as she walks away I can hear her laugh as she walks away.

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