Its never too late

At just 13, Sophia Rose Connely is forced to bear with a hole in her heart due to the loss of her mother. Causing her to rethink her choices, she begins to attend Weston High. Through her mourning, love, passion, and trust, Sophia learns to fall like never before, get back up, only to get knocked back down.


4. A perfect way to bond

"What type of music do you like? You can change the station if you want." Harry says staring up his midnight blue Volvo.

"Thats alright, this is fine," I smirk, "Actually, I think I will change it." I say as i reach for the radio controls. This is some good music here.

"Oh God, please no." Harry sighs, "Does it have to be country? Come on!"

I smile at his adorably cute dimples that show everytime his moth opens. "I think you need a lesson on southern hospitality."

"I am not from America. And there really isn't a 'south' in the U.K." he peeks at me through the corner of his eye, "Now if you dont mind..."

"I do mind." I say and stop his hand from changing the radio station. "I like country music." As my hand touches his, I feel a spark of some sort. Not legit, but a spark to something I have never felt before. I think I am actually starting to 'like' someone. Maybe Cat was right, but I am still not sure if Harry likes me... Who am I kidding? He told me to my face that he finds me attractive. Nobody has every had the courage to do that before.. Well nobody has probrably even thought that before. Thats the weird part, when I came here, to Europe, everybody has a quality, a quality I don't have, a quality that makes it easy for me to identify a foreigner. It's harder to tell with Harry, the others seem so educated and polite. I mean Harry is polite, one of the politest peopple i have met here, but he seems more easy-going. With him, I can be me. Just then, the peircing sound of Harry's messed up brakes snaps me back into reality.

"Glad to have those fixed up soon." Harry says stepping out of the car, he looks at me as I start to get out and says, 'Wait." I sit back down, wondering what he is doing.

"Welcome to my home." He smmiles and opens the door for me. Nobody has done that for me before.

"Its lovely," my smile peeks through my cheeks, " Now, when are we starting?"

"Just let me get changed." he says opening the front door, " You are welcome to come in also." he offers.

"Thats alright, i need to call my father before he gets to work." The whole time difference is a pain, but my dad says that if I call him directly after school, I will catch him in the car on the way to work.


"Damn," I say looking down at my clothes.

"Is everything alright?" Harry turns around, he has just finished tightening the last screw.

"Yeah, I just got a little stain on my favorite sweat-," I look up to see Harry's face and hands covered in black car grease, "Oh my. I think you got a little something." I say pointing to Harry's face.

"Where?" He pulls his hand to his face, attempting to rub off whatever it is he thinks im telling him about. He then looks at his hands. "Shit."

I burst into laughter and then I get a genius idea. I ran up to him and rubbed my greasy black hands all over him.

"You didn't" his expression tells me to run. I do as they say, laughing in the process.


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