The Leek Girl

A turqoise-haired girl travells around, giving music to all she comes across. In her slim hand, she holds a leek. Nobody knows her name, so they call her Leek Girl. Well, almost everybody, for a boy has been stalking her for a long time now.
That boy's name is Len Kagamine.
(The characters Miku Hatsune and Len Kagamine belong to Krypton Future Media, and the cover belongs to the artist. I am only responsible for the story.)


1. Town number 100

This time, it will be town number 100.

I can't believe that's how long I've been doing this for! Almost 2 years. It's a barren country, and I prefer to walk, so it takes a while to get from place to place.

Oh wait? I didn't introduce myself! How rude of me! Sorry about that. I am Hatsune Miku, but nobody knows my name. They all call me Leek Girl, because I love leeks. I'm fuelled by those green sticks! I'll describe myself now, because it's so bad when characters aren't described. I have turquoise hair, tied into bunches by a futuristic ribbon, headphones over my head. My clothes are quite smart, a grey blouse rimmed with blue and black boots, sleevelets and a skirt, also lined with blue. A blue tie hangs around my neck, a few black clips attached. My eyes are blue, a beautiful, bright blue, and on my right shoulder I have a tattoo stating "01", my number. I don't actually know what it means, my number. I am the first of something? I have no family, I never knew someone like that, but I do have Hachune Miku, a tiny clone of me. She's the only friend I have.

Well, back to the story.

I was walking into town, carrying a guitar over my shoulder, a backpack, and my microphone. People were lining the streets to see me pass, to catch a glimpse of the mythical Leek Girl. I was quite a legend around these parts, some people saying I was an omen of death and my songs spread evil, some saying I was a healer and a charm, bringing joy wherever I went. I'm just here for the music!

I had been working on a new song and was excited to preform it to the people. I set off, to the middle of the town, where a square was. I stood in the middle, my heart beating quickly. This always happens before a concert.

"Alrighty! Let's start the party!" I yelled into my mic, calling people to come and join me.

The place was crowded in a matter of minutes, leaving a circle of free space around me so I could perform. Before I had a chance to, though, a boy stepped out of the audience.

He had blonde hair, in a messy style, tied at the back in a tiny, spiky ponytail. Something about his front hair reminded me of a banana. Banana boy. He wore smart clothes, a white blouse, complete with yellow tie, and black knee-length shorts.

"Hello there, Hatsune Miku, or as the people know you, Leek Girl." He said, holding out his hand for me to take.

I blushed, since I have never heard my name being said aloud before. He noticed that, and took my hand slowly.

"Miku, don't be afraid. My name is Len Kagamine, and I am like you. We are robotsdesigned to sing. Our master was cruel, though, and you and I escaped, promising the others we would return. However, there was an accident, and you lost your memory, and I lost you. I have been trying to find you ever since, because I love you" He held out his hand to me. "Will you come with me, Hatsune Miku?"

I hesitated for a moment, Hachune whispering in my ear about how epic it wol dbe to have a friend. She was the one who made up my mind. I took Len's hand, and he guided me away from the staring townspeople, and out to the open road.

We would finish our quest.

(Author's note: Whew. This took a while. Hope you all enjoy. I will start on the next one soon, but I need to do some updating of my other stories. Again, hope you enjoy! Sorry, it's shorter than I wanted...)

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