Take me home

Your at the one direction concert and Harry notices you and sees how beautiful you are...then everything changes


1. Winning the tickets

Alisha's pov~

"OMGOMGOMG" I scream as I saw the words on my laptop 'CONGRATULATIONS! You have won front row tickets to see one direction live with one friend!' I called Nellie as soon as I found out! *ring ring* "hay girl haay!" She says as I scream " woah why are you screaming!?" She asks "BECAUSE I WON FRONT ROW TICKETS TO SEE ONE DIRECTION LIVE AND I CAN TAKE ONE FRIEND AND THAT WILL BE YOU!!!!!" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OMG I love you so much thanks Hun" "it's okay the concert is tomorrow night at London wemberly so make sure your ready and at mine for 9am!" "Kay" she says trying not to scream

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